Participants of a May Day Procession in Kharkov Defied the Attacks of Ukrainian Nationalists and Shouted “Nazism Won’t Pass!”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Kharkov about 100 people marched on the streets on the occasion of May 1st. Participants met at the building of the Historical museum in the area of Constitution Street at around 10.00. Then the column moved to Universitetskaya Street and Cathedral descent to Blagoveshchenskaya Square. A meeting took place near the monument in memory of the first Kharkov May 1st celebration. The event was organised by the public organisation “Working Kharkov Region”.

Participants of the procession held red flags with the inscriptions “Socialists”, posters with the inscriptions “Long Live May 1st — Day of Workers’ Solidarity”, “People! We will stop tariff genocide!”, “Authorities, stop rehabilitating Nazism!”, and others.

Pensioners chanted “Nazism will not pass”. The procession and the meeting were protected by employees of the police. During the procession police officers detained a young man [who called them “communist scum” – ed] who threw a bottle of water at the people heading the column.

Traffic was blocked off along the route of the column. As “Radio Svoboda” reports, kefir was also poured over the participants of the procession in Kharkov.

The police detained the local activist from the “Rassvet” organisation Vadim Pozdnyakov, who admitted that he poured kefir on the crowd. As a result he was released, after receiving a telling off. Several minutes prior to the procession police officers advised the participants of the event to not raise flags featuring communist symbols.

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