Parubiy’s Nationalistic Schizophrenia Leads to Loss of Ukraine’s Territories

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The acronym “USSR” used throughout this article refers to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

As is already known, the result of investigative journalism has revealed that at an early age Andrei Parubiy was diagnosed with a mild form of mental retardation — debility from periodic bouts of aphasia (a speech disorder). Former neighbours and school teachers confirm it. Moreover, on the documents of the central city hospital of Chervonograd, which confirms the diagnosis of the future commandant of Maidan, is stamped by the “Ministry of health of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR)”. Maybe that’s why the third man in the Ukrainian government with the most slurred speech (to call him a “speaker” — fingers refuse to type it on the keyboard) is so eager to forget this USSR?


And suddenly he decided to confirm the fact that he has a serious problems in mental activity and is unlikely to adequately understand the meaning of what he is bringing in masses. In an interview with presidential television, Parubiy officially stated that Parliament should declare Ukraine as the legal successor of the Ukrainian People’s Republic (UPR), and to recognize the period from 1920 to 1991 as a period of occupation. Obviously, Sir, who naively considers himself a historian, has forgotten (didn’t learn?) that during the year of being the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, thanks to Stalin and Khrushchev’s works, was grown by the Crimean Peninsula, Galicia, Bukovina, and Transcarpathia, and became one of the countries that founded the UN. That is, following this logic (if this concept is applicable to Parubiy), today’s Ukraine should return all its territory to Russia, to Poland, to Hungary, to Slovakia, and Romania with a payment of indemnities for the occupation and appropriate restitution.

“Parubiy thinks quite logically,” opposes political analyst Vasily Stoyakin. “Modern post-Maidan Ukraine is not a successor of the USSR, because, in principle, it denies its experience and any positive changes during the stay of Ukraine in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.” In fact, this follows from the many legislative acts already adopted by Parliament . “At the same time, the adoption of this act will have moral-psychological rather than political and legal importance, because a direct inheritance of property and the territory of the USSR was important for Ukraine 25 years ago. In the current situation, the Ukrainian borders are determined by the agreement that was concluded already after obtaining independence,” the expert continues. “But anyway, the actual borders of any state are defined today by the USA. References to International Law after what happened in Kosovo have no special meaning.

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“In reality, the words of an ideological national-socialist (or social-nationalist – if you like) Parubiy make sense,” agrees with his colleague historian Vladimir Kornilov. “It’s really funny that Ukraine until now is officially considered as the successor of the USSR, and at the same time smashing all the symbols of this same USSR, curses all its founders, and calls the period of existence of this Republic solely an occupation. We have to admit that Ukrainian neo-Nazis are very consistent in their ideology,” comments the expert.

But if we follow Parubiy’s call, it raises a number of complex questions for the current Ukraine. What to do with the property of the USSR? “It means it must be returned to the Soviet Union “occupier”, or more precisely to its real successor state — Russia! And to give to today’s Ukraine only what it had during its existence as the Ukrainian People’s Republic and when it was independent Ukraine (it means, hand on heart, no-thi-ng!). What to do with the diplomas issued on the “occupied” USSR? To recognize them or to consider only the diplomas of the UPR as valid? And of course, another complicated question! Ukraine is a member of the UN, as the successor of one of the founders of this structure – Soviet Ukraine. And if we follow the ” rational propositions” of Parubiy, it will mean today’s Ukraine should be excluded from the United Nations and it should delegate these powers to the successor of the USSR. For example, to the leader of the Communist party of Ukraine Petro Simonenko!”.

Let me remind you that on 21st April 1920, Simon Petliura, who headed the UPR government, signed with his Polish counterpart Jozef Pilsudski the “Warsaw agreement”, by which the UPR recognized the territory of Eastern Galicia and 5 districts of Volyn as Polish territory. So, Parubiy agrees to fulfil the will of the great Ukrainian patriot Petliura and to give the land back? I think the Poles are impatiently waiting, and users of social networks, not in a childish way, stocked up on beer and popcorn waiting for the moment when the Parliament will begin consideration of this issue. Perhaps this is why the only foreign President at the celebration of Independence Day in Kiev was the leader of Poland Duda? He obviously very much liked the idea of “speech therapist”…

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By the way, about the parade. During the broadcast, the speaker was given the offscreen text to read out: “It is fundamental that weapons that are mainly produced in Soviet times, and provided the components and circuitry of the entire Union of Socialist Republics, now comes almost at the expense of domestic production.” However, we didn’t succeed to see the Ukrainian equipment at the parade. There were 2 American “Hummers” at the head of the parade, and all the rest — products of the Soviet military-industrial complex. Including the BUKs, which, after the downed-over-Donbass Malaysian “Boeing”, they completely denied owning them. And it is — for the 25th anniversary of its own independence, Ukraine proudly boasted heritage of the occupier.”

Something different in form but similar in meaning, almost simultaneously with Parubiy, was said by another candidate for “Ward №6“. “The next step of decommunisation will be admitting the period of Soviet power in Ukraine as occupation,” blurted out the Director of the so-called Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich and also broadcast of this same “Channel 5″. “When we speak about the basis of Soviet power in Ukraine, it is necessary to understand that it was established by force, exported from outside.”

Ukraine needs to use material pretensions against Russia for occupation from 1918 – the leader of the party “Svoboda” Oleg Tyanibok also caught the virus of schizophrenia. Nationalists believes that the Verkhovna Rada should recognize the fact of Moscow’s occupation of Ukraine in the period from 1918, when the war against the Ukrainian People’s Republic started, until 1991″. To demand logic from the former Komsomol, of course, is naive, but for further analysis of the situation I will focus on the fact that by insisting on the “occupation since 1918”, Tyagnibok denies the existence of the UPR. “The consequence of this occupation was a huge multi-million genocide against the Ukrainian nation… the doors of the international Nuremberg-2 tribunal will open for us… We need to present an invoice to Russia, like for today’s occupation of Crimea, like for Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts”, raves the Lvov nationalist.

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We considered issues relating to administrative boundaries. But a lot of other material pretension appeared! If following the man with the certification [Parubiy’s document of illness – ed], Ukraine will declare the UPR as its “mother” and the Ukrainian SSR as its  “stepmother”, at this time the legal successor of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics — the Russian Federation — will have legitimate demands of restitution of all that the “occupier” built on the territory of Ukraine. And it will be a list in the trillions (and not UAH!)! Companies “Antonov” and “Yuzhmash”, Dnieper and other hydro and thermal power plants; “Krivorozhstal” (sold to Indian tycoon Mittal) and “Zaporizhstal”; the metro in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr; “Styrene” and Kharkov tractor plant; the bridges across the Dnieper river; homes; all nuclear power plants; the Lvov and Zaporozhye autoplants; etc., etc. Because those damn occupiers built so much!

By the way, now wiping the pants in the seat of the Governor of Odessa, Mikhail Saakashvili as the President of Georgia already did this trick of recognising Soviet “occupation”. He even created a museum in Tbilisi on Rustaveli Avenue about how “hard” life was for the Georgians under Soviet rule. But strangely after this revolutionary act, prosperity didn’t arrive in the Transcaucasian Republic, and for some reason Mikhail was ignominiously expelled from there.

“The diagnosis could be made using one photo of Parubiy, but thanks to the voiced text, it can be more accurate — fragmented or pulse reasoning,” resumed Alexander Dudchak. “A man with such a worldview perceives the environment not as a whole but as a set of unrelated episodes. And in this clinical case, too, history is seen in fragments, as a set of unrelated events, despite the fact that these events relate to the same state. He admits the inheritance of the UPR, but the period during which Ukraine enormously increased its territory and became a powerful Republic is ignored and hated. People with such symptoms are not able to analyze processes and situations, because the information in his head lingers like water in a sieve. It would be better to clarify the situation to consult a doctor or at least call the nurses”.

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