Pashinyan Started to Understand the Modern World Order

In recent weeks, he has spoken with all the world leaders, who have said many warm and good words to him. The problem is that Turkey and Azerbaijan continue their military actions without being embarrassed by it. Cheerful tweets and likes, articles in the world media with menacing headlines, and even Trump’s statements are unhelpful against Turkey’s precision weapons and attack drones; against hundreds of scumbag terrorists transferred from the Syrian theater.

Pashinyan could appeal to the CSTO – but Azerbaijan (so far) has not encroached on the territory of Armenia, this is a local territorial conflict. Introduce Russian peacekeepers to the region? But this requires the consent of both parties. By and large, Azerbaijan is now forcing the implementation of the moss-covered UN resolution on the return of these very territories.

What can Russia do today, right now, to help Armenia, which is mired in anti-Russian intrigues and games of recent years? This will be decided by a specific person and we all know this person. Russia is already indirectly, and in a big way, helping Armenia, smashing the camps of Turkish “proxies” in Syria to smithereens. But this is not enough, because the Armenian armed forces are as outdated as Russian-Armenian relations have become over the past 20+ years. And this “Okay, dirty Russia, we forgive you, let’s get money and weapons” magic in the 90’s has not worked for a long time.

In the modern world, you must either have your own heavily armed army combined with a strong economy that can support it, or you must be friends with those who have it (here’s a hint, either Russia or China, because we see the results of Pashinyan and Lukashenko‘s friendship with Europe and the US online today). The usual liberal mantras of “Russia-Armenia-Belarus have no enemies” are good exactly as long as you are not attacked in reality, and not on the Internet or in the media. And no assurances of American and European friendship will save you. You’ll be lucky if they don’t take you apart themselves.

For the countries of the former USSR, and not only them, it is time to understand that the Russian military base on your territory is a blessing and a guarantee of your own sovereignty; that close cooperation with Russia is the highest happiness that any country can strive for in the modern world: economic growth, stability, and security. And in the difficult year of 2020, there is also life, thanks to a vaccine that is available to very few people today.

I really want the war in Karabakh to stop. And I really want the war in Donbass to stop. But alas, I do not know when this will happen, nor by what means and methods.

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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