Pavel Shipilin: Why the Croatians Devoted Their Victory to Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Pavel Shipilin

The football player of the Croatian national team Domagoj Vida, who in a well-known video devoted his victory to Ukraine, has apologised. But, I am sure that this apology is insincere and most likely forced.

We must understand that in Croatia the traditions of the Ustaše from the times of World War II are still strong. And the most bloody “heroes”, like in Ukraine, are still being honoured.

For example, as of late there have been attempts to rehabilitate Mile Budak — the main ideologist of the Ustaše, the organiser of the genocide of Serbians, Romanis, and Jews. A writer, whose novels are on sale in Croatia even now. It is especially Budak, being the Minister of Education, religion, and cults during the war who called to “kill a third, expel a third, and convert [catholicise – ed] a third [of Serbians – ed]”.

He was arrested by partisans in 1945 and executed together with many other figures of the collaborationist regime.

All Serbians were declared as the main enemies of the Croatian people. The exact number of victims of genocide, like the exact number of victims of the Volyn massacre, is unknown. In 1946 in the official report of the commission on the establishment of crimes of the Ustaše a figure appears: from 500,000 to 600,000. Other nationalities announced by Hitler as subhumans weren’t spared either: about 32,000 Jews and about 26,000 Romanis were killed.

The Srbosjek was invented so that the executioners could kill more of the Serbians who were detained in the Jasenovac concentration camp and not become too tired at the same time. A competition was announced for its design. The first batch of srbosjek was produced in the German city of Solingen at the request of the Ustaše government.

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The “king of murdering Serbs” Petar Brzica (the old man in the photo below) on August 29th, 1942 killed 1360 people without interruption. For this he received from the hands of the chaplain of the camp a gold watch, from the administration of the camp — a silver set, and from the Ustaše serving with him in the camp — a roasted piglet and wine.

After 1945 he fled in the US, where he obtained citizenship and, perhaps, changed his name. The attempts of Yugoslavia to hand Brzica in weren’t crowned with success; the Simon Wiesenthal Center also couldn’t help, despite long disputes and discussions with the US. From 1970’s Brzica tracks were lost. In the 1990’s fresh demands to hand him in weren’t satisfied. According to unconfirmed data, he died a natural death in 2007.

The United States, without paying attention to the requests for extradition and the demands of international organisations, gathered all fascist rabble from Galicia and Croatia. Their descendants, both local and those who arrived after Croatia’s independence was obtained, today run the show in Kiev and Zagreb. They were useful.

Members of the Ustaše weren’t afraid of being photographed during executions — it seemed to them that there was no threat of exposure and there never will be. The special chic of these monsters was to pose with the heads of their victims.

The official position of the Croatian authorities towards Mile Budak’s rehabilitation is that he should be appreciated as a writer and a fighter for the independence of the country, and the results of his political activity shouldn’t be mentioned. Ukraine relates to Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych, and other bastards in the same way.

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Today, under the pressure of the European Union, all streets bearing the name of Budak (he is in the photo below, against the background of a house wall with a plaque) are renamed, and the commemorative plaque was dismantled.

It is precisely he who is the author of the slogan “Hang Serbs from the willow trees”. Does this remind you of anything?

Correct, the Banderist slogan Hang Moskals from trees — a copy and paste from Croatians. And in terms of cruelty, bordering on pathology, Banderists and Ustaše didn’t concede to each other, the number of their victims is measured in the hundreds of thousands. Both of them served Hitler faithfully and truthfully.

Domagoj Vida glorifying Ukraine isn’t anything new for me. The Ustaše and Banderists are twin brothers, whose descendants, if the opportunity arises for them again, will again start to cut with the srbosjek or put their neighbors with who they lived side-by-side for centuries on stakes.

You will say that they have changed? Perhaps. But I will admit honestly: I will never be able to trust neither the former nor the latter.

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