“Peace for the children of Donbass” Action in the Centre of Berlin

The world is changing, whether we want this or not. It is possible to deceive a lot and to say that Russia is waging war in Donbass. It is possible to shame and call those who have a different point of view marginal. But the truth, like a drop of water, will leak out and destroy this wall.

For the first time in 7 years, the action “Peace for the children of Donbass” was held in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate, organised by volunteers of anti-war organisations in Berlin and the international platform “Global Rights of Peaceful People”. The organisers deployed a small tent city with photos of residents of the LPR, DPR and south-eastern Ukraine suffering from the war, and first and foremost – the children. For 10 days, the organisers talked about what is happening at our place.

Faina Savenkova

Yes, of course, many German politicians are dissatisfied with this. Many ignored this event. And, probably, this is understandable to some extent – it’s hard to admit your guilt for what is happening. Or maybe they are just not interested, because it does not concern their children, because it is somewhere far away. And nevertheless, this action showed that people are waking up in Europe. They are no longer satisfied with the opinion of only one side of the conflict, they want answers to their questions, they want to see a different point of view, they want peace and they are tired of propaganda and lies.

The action held in Berlin is only the beginning, only the first drop that will destroy the wall of lies. And then Donbass will once again find a peaceful sky.

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Faina Savenkova

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