Peace Treaty for Ukraine

NEW – June 12, 2022

Western and Ukrainian politicians, experts and analysts have not bothered to understand the motivation and goals of Russia. They still perceive the confrontation in Ukraine in the logic of traditional wars for … border territories, trying to bargain on the market, although the question is about the complete and final destruction Ukraine as a state. Having raised the stakes in the trade and economic war to the maximum, they sincerely believe that they can still buy off Crimea and Donbass, i.e. part of the initial, minimum demands of Russia

The goal and idea of the United States and partners is primitive – to take a pause, prepare Ukraine for a new confrontation, weaken and shake up the situation inside Russia, while maintaining economic pressure. No one is going to lift sanctions and return stolen currency reserves. They sincerely believe that, having stopped military operations, they will be able to discuss exclusion from the lists for years on one item, demanding concessions for each, as it was almost 8 years with the Minsk Agreements.

Against the background of military successes and ownership of the strategic initiative, Russia’s demands/position has become tougher: the whole of Novorossiya (from Odessa to Chernigov, including Dnepropetrovsk) is part of Russia, Malorossiya is changing into Wild Lands/Grey territory under the protectorate of Russia, most likely through Belarus, we are discussing the issue of Galicia. Please note how our society calmed down and support grew when the peace talks stopped, I hope this causal relationship is reflected in the Presidential Administration, and they will not destroy the existing consensus of the authorities and society for the sake of observing the “rules of good form” – it is said negotiations should always be conducted.

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One of the obvious results of the confrontation of the last 8 years was not just a statement, but also the acceptance of the impossibility of agreeing with the West and the neo-nazi authorities of Ukraine about anything, they fundamentally do not comply with the agreement. It’s possible to recall history, but the whole current situation is a chain of consistent lies from representatives of the West. The deception in 2014 of Viktor Yanukovych and the Kremlin allowed the establishment of neo-nazi power in Ukraine, in February 2022 there was an attempt to repeat the lie when, after the visit of Emmanuel Macron, our troops began to withdraw from the L/DPR. The last lesson was provocation and blackmail by the “events in Bucha“, after which Russia refused to discuss any options for Mariupol, except for surrender, do you remember the unsuccessful visit of the Austrian Chancellor and constant calls to the Kremlin? So far, it seems that the lesson has been learned and there are no illusions left.

For several centuries, European countries have imposed their own models, saying that after military actions, there must necessarily be a peace treaty, at the conclusion of which third countries can level out victories and take a part for themselves, as payment for legitimisation, recognition of new conditions and borders. If not for this policy and the “peace treaties”, the Ottoman Empire would have disappeared 100-150 years earlier and the Straits would’ve became ours. Normal relations in the absence of a peace treaty with Japan after its defeat and surrender in 1945 break the pattern. Does the refusal to recognise Crimea being part of Russia for the last 8 years disturb us? No, there’s nothing to worry about. The whole of Novorossiya should be included in Russia, the United States did not recognise the entry of the Baltic states into the USSR, so what do we get from this?

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And, yes, the “Red Machine” continues to grind the remnants of a combat–ready army in Donbass, it is gratifying that the tradition of marking Russian/Soviet troops on maps in red and NATO in blue has been preserved – Ukrainian troops are blue everywhere…

Andrey Shkolnikov

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