“Peaceful Protesters” in the US and Ukraine Yesterday & Today: About the Heroes of Maidan Times

The obvious duplicity of the ruling class – both in the US and in its satellites – regarding the disputed election in America and the subsequent protests in Washington with all bluntness raises the question of the legitimacy of the American government’s support for regimes that came to power through fraud and coups in other countries.

The results of the elections are disputed only in “banana republics”, said former US President Bush Jr. Well, for example, in Kiev during the “Orange Maidan”.

The US everywhere, including in Ukraine, supported the “colour revolutions” until these demons knocked on their own door — and immediately it turned out that there “it is quite different”. Americans do not want to live by the laws of the jungle, which they so willingly impose on others.

I do not recall the Americans’ concern about the antics of their fosterlings in the winter of 2014, when they stormed government buildings in the capital of Ukraine. Were the “Hundreds of Maidan”, Right Sector and other detachments of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists more peaceful citizens than the excited Trumpists who broke into Congress?

And the torture rooms in the Kiev City Hall in the winter of 2014 – where nearby Victoria Nuland distributed food to “peaceful protesters”? And the murder of dozens of law enforcement officers and the extermination of dissidents throughout the southeast of Ukraine? And the war unleashed by the putschists with aerial bombardment of the cities of Donbass. Oh, yes — “this is different”!

To remind Americans that the bestiaries of the “revolution of dignity” got up to on the land of Ukraine — with the benevolent silence of western curators. “I will tell you that I saw a movie about Asia, about Africa. When people are driving around in jeeps with tripods, with machine guns, somewhere in the desert, because this is the main means of transportation,” said the former chief military prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios the other day on the air of the “Zik” TV channel, recalling the “glorious days” of 2014. “Back then it happened in the Lugansk region, a cavalcade of L-200 jeeps of various colours and various jeeps with a body in which there are armed bearded people… They drive around and anyone who stands on the road could be yanked and taken hostage, exploited and tortured.”

Now the Obama-Biden team is back in the White House, and no one can guarantee that the UAF tanks or jihad-mobiles of volunteer battalions (such as all sorts of Tornadoes), because of which there is still no life in Ukraine, will not move across the steppes of Donbass. “Heroes of the revolution” and “veterans of the ATO” kill civilians and each other; and, note, the western embassies that manage all the processes in Ukraine are not in a hurry to hush their fosterlings to restore elementary order — they are in a hurry to rob the country, export its wealth and sell glass beads to the aborigines. To the accompaniment of explosions, arson and shootings of yesterday’s “heroes” of the US-backed “revolution”.

In Lvov, the veteran of the special company “Tornado” Viktor Vlasyuk was detained, suspected of organising the resonant murder of a veteran of the “Donbas” battalion Vitaly Oleshko, carried out by a hired killer from the “Azov” battalion. Or the Kherson nationalist Ekaterina Gandzyuk, who was killed by a group of veterans of the “Ukrainian Volunteer Army” (one of the groups of “Right Sector”). Or the killer from “Right Sector” Andrey Lavrega, who opened fire at the car of the deputy of the Kiev City Council Vyacheslav Sobolev and killed his three-year-old son — this “veteran of the ATO” was awarded the Order “For Courage” by Petro Poroshenko himself, a friend of the current US President Biden.

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Remember how much noise there was when a group of US Congressmen called the “Azov” battalion and its Fuhrer neo-Nazis, and even some fictitious restrictions were imposed on the supply of weapons to them. Did this somehow affect the political positions of their patron, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov? Or, say, oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, who, according to the public admission of former associate of the “white leader” Andrey Biletsky and the former deputy commander of the “Azov” battalion, Oleg Odnorozhenko, sponsored neo-Nazis in the amount of $600,000 a month, allegedly for the protection of three dozen enterprises owned by Akhmetov. Has anyone heard about the sanctions of the “civilised world” against an oligarch cooperating with neo-Nazis?

Is it any wonder that the Washington-friendly regime turns a blind eye to such “trifles” as the recent festival of neo-Nazi music in the Kiev Palace of Culture at Shulyavka, the main guest of which was the group “M8L8TH” (the name stands for “Hitler’s Hammer”) with its frontman — a militant of “Azov” and one of the founders of the neo-Nazi organisation “Wotanjugend” – Aleksey Levkin. The Ukrainian website “Zaborona” reports that after each song of this collective, visitors shouted “Heil Hitler”. Is this also “different”?

And other worthy sons of the US-backed “revolution of dignity” rally outside the Israeli Embassy demanding that Jews recognise their “historical responsibility” for the famine of 1933, “repent for the genocide” of the Ukrainian people and stop reminding society that the leader of the OUN, Stepan Bandera, was an employee and henchman of Hitler.

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“I want to remind the Israelis that we are killing Moskals because they are against us honouring the memory of our hero Bandera” Vladislav Goranin (Goran), the founder of “White Hammer”, one of the paramilitary groups of “peaceful protesters” at Euromaidan, said at a picket outside the Israeli Embassy on January 6th. And he was accompanied by the leaders of the neo-Nazi groups “Traditions and Order” Bogdan Khodakovsky and C14 Evgeny Karas, who is directly supervised by the SBU (and the SBU, in turn, is supervised by the US intelligence agencies).

When Mr. Biden babbles something about the “insurrection” that American citizens allegedly started against the rigged election, you need to understand two things: the boomerang always returns from where it was sent, and it is not for them — well known in Ukraine, bloodied by their efforts — to complain about the antics of “peaceful protesters” in Washington. Compared to the demons Biden unleashed in Ukraine, they are sweet and calm angels.

Konstantin Kevorkyan

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