A Pensioner Was Detained in Dnepropetrovsk for Putting St. George’s Ribbons on Roshen Candy

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The police patrol of the Ukrainian Dnipro (former Dnepropetrovsk) on “Facebook” reported about the detention of a 66-year-old pensioner who distributed leaflets with a St. George’s Ribbon in one of city’s supermarkets.

It is noteworthy that the self-made leaflet with the victory symbol of the Great Patriotic War – forbidden in Ukraine – always appeared in the sweets department next to the candy of Roshen.

In the text of the leaflet buyers are warned that by buying this candy “they pay for the murders of Ukrainian citizens who didn’t obey the neo-Nazi junta,” writes the Ukrainian Vesti website.

Even the SBU became interested in the mysterious “avenger”, the employees of which arrived to the place of detention of the pensioner.

The pensioner for a long time couldn’t be detained because he very quickly distributed leaflets and disappeared from the shop. According to the article, “for the production and propaganda of the St. George’s Ribbon” and the “obviously untrue report about a threat to the security of citizens” the pensioner is threatened by a large fine. It is reported also that the SBU became interested in him.

The confectionery corporation Roshen belongs to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. During the pre-election race he promised to sell the factory in the event of his victory, however he only limited himself to transferring an equity stake to an independent trust fund before the end of his presidential term, reminds Russia-24.

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