The People of Kiev Held A “Peace March” While Chanting Nazi Slogans

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The public organization “Union of Women of Ukraine” carried out in Kiev an action under the name “March of Peace”, during which participants shouted out nazi slogans: “Ukraine above all!”, “Glory to nation!”, and “Death to enemies!”. This was reported by the correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN) from the place of events.

“Today a procession is being planned, we will carry a flag of Ukraine that is 65 meters-wide, which was sewed by the ‘Union of Women of Ukraine’. It is very symbolical that our fight for peace is supported by women from all over Ukraine, the female representative of diasporas, representatives of diplomatic corps, wives of ambassadors will be present here and everyone will see how we fight for peace,” said the activist of the “Union of Woman of Ukraine” Yulia Kurokhtina to the journalist of the FAN.

It was succeeded to bring together to the event about 500 grandmothers and school students, who carried a big flag of Ukraine along the city streets and repeated the slogans after the leaders. The slogans were frankly misanthropic and copied the slogans of nazi Germany: “Germany above all!”, “Glory to nation!”, “Death to enemies!”. Thus, the “March of Peace” took place under slogans of national exclusiveness and the superiority of the Ukrainian nation.

Then near the “memorial of memory of the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred” a prayer of three religious faiths for peace (the Greco-catholic church, Orthodox church of the Ukrainian patriarchy, and also autocephalous church participated in it) took place. The event was highlighted by the Ukrainian and western media, which later released reports in which it was claimed that Ukrainian women passed through Kiev with slogans about peace.

“Later near Octyabrsky Palace a flashmob with the participation of children who themselves also symbolize peace will take place. Children will release doves of peace – such a bird since time immemorial symbolizes and bears peace. Also our union made iron (forged) doves of peace,” said Yulia Kurokhtina.

At the end of the event, the activists carried out symbols of peace and forged doves in different regions of the country, including Donbass.

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One of the Kievans passing by, who asked not to film him on video, commented on the absurd situation to the correspondent of the FAN:

“You can’t even imagine to what extent this is embedded in the heads of our idiots. The people already don’t even reflect on such things – how is it possible to shout at a peace march ‘Heil nation!’ or ‘Death to enemies!’. Ukrainian citizens are simply accustomed to shouting it and all obediently shout. Now this is shouted everywhere in Ukraine, at all meetings – both nationalist and oppositional, and by those who are ‘for’ war till the victorious end, and those who are ‘against’ it. If you refuse to shout it, you in the best case will be beaten, and in the worst case – killed”.

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