People of the Servile Tribe

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian authorities, trying to erase from the younger generation the spirit of the winners of fascism, carry out the action “Off with St. George’s Ribbons” in the occupied part of the Lugansk region of the LPR.

The essence of the action is clear from its name. Instead of St. George’s Ribbons, another symbol is imposed on young Lugansk citizens — the red poppy.

The authorized representative of People’s militia of the LPR Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko justly noted: the red poppy as a symbol of memory was thought up in the US by the teacher of the University of Georgia Moina Michael after World War I as a tribute to the memory of the fallen American soldiers.

The grandfathers and great-grandfathers of today’s Ukrainians perished on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War not for America, but for our common Motherland. The aspirations to impose on Lugansk citizens a symbol that is alien to them – the American red poppy – are a manifestation of political servilism and grovelling.

“Sometimes the people of the servile tribe are real dogs. The more severe the punishment, the more hunger is pleasant for them,” Nikolay Nekrasov once wrote.

Euromaidan provoked by the West put Ukraine on the verge of collapse. It is the West who pumped money into a coup under the leadership of Yatsenyuk — Klitschko — Tyagnybok. It is the West who pushed Ukraine towards the abyss of civil strife. But ukrainomaniacs are, all the same, ready to stand before the West on their tiptoes.

The entire history of “independent” Ukraine is a history of humiliated servility before the West. Ukrainian patriotism acquired grotesque forms: to achieve Ukrainian independence, in order to quickly receive the visa-free regime under the proud tune of “Ukraine has not died yet”, and to leave for Europe, far away from Ukraine that still hasn’t died.

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Those who still didn’t die are ready to renounce everything that was dear to their ancestors and to obey anyone who will promise them a replete European future.

Kiev, using all the weight of the administrative and repressive apparatus, came down on the Victory symbol — the St. George’s Ribbon. For wearing it it you can pay with your health, and even your life. The heinousness and vileness of the Ukrainian authorities knows no bounds.

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