To the People of Turkey: An Apology for the Behaviour of Kiev Ultras

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vasily Volga


I know that the official authorities of Ukraine will not apologize to Turkey for the disorder that yesterday Ukrainian ultras staged together with Ukrainian neo-Nazis in Kiev during the match “Dynamo” vs “Besiktas”.

It is me – Vasily Volga, who wants to apologize as a citizen of Ukraine and as Chairman of Political Party “Union of Left Forces”.

Citizens of Turkey, please accept my apologies for what happened in my country against your compatriots.

And also, please accept my assurances that these people who yesterday attacked a Turkish restaurant and Turkish citizens do not represent the whole of Ukraine. Ukrainians are aware that they were ordinary criminals, the scum of our society. Such scum exists in any country, but not everywhere are they allowed to own the streets. When law enforcement of the state defends law and order, when the country is led by responsible politicians, then a worthy rebuff and worthy legal assessment are given to such incidents.

Today in Ukraine everything is different. Today, our country is ill. Today our country is run by criminals, who came to power on the blood of a state coup and who hold their power using street gangs, no matter how nicely they can be called.

Please accept my apologies for what happened with your compatriots in my country. And also, please accept my assurances that very soon the time will come when not only the perpetrators of yesterday’s atrocities, but also their patrons will face a fair trial in the new recovered Ukraine.

With respect to the Turkish people, Chairman of the political party “Union of Left Forces” Vasily Volga.

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