People’s Deputy of Ukraine Threatened to Leave Ukraine Together With His Region

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A criminal case was opened concerning the People’s Deputy from the “Oppositional Bloc” party Evgeny Balitsky. The reason for the initiation of a criminal case was the deputy’s call for possible separation of the territory of his region from Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Zaporizhia region.

“It is established that the People’s Deputy of Ukraine elected from the Opposition Bloc in the city of Melitopol and the Melitopol district of the Zaporizhia region Evgeny Balitsky on the air of a Ukrainian TV channel expressed his opinion on the possibility of dividing up the territory of the region that he represents,” it is said in the statement.

“I want you, members of your faction, and people who support you to quickly move to Russia and to never come back here again,” said Dmitry Korchinsky, the leader of the Ukrainian Orthodox religious and political organization “Brotherhood”.

In reply, Balitsky noted that with such a philosophy in Ukraine “Crimea has already left, and we won’t be able to return Donbass”.

“We will leave as the region that I represent. Aren’t you worried about the fact that we will separate from Ukraine as a whole region?” stressed Balitsky.

Balitsky later commented on the statement of the Zaporizhia Prosecutor’s office about the opening of a criminal case against him according to Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine:

“The charges against me are groundless and contrived. I wouldn’t like at all to call them politically motivated.

There wasn’t the slightest hint on separatism in my words, there were no calls to violate the territorial integrity of Ukraine. What I said was in response to the overtly separatist statement of Dmitry Korchinsky, who openly said that Ukrainians must be divided up. And this was said in response to my appeal to unite.

The frankly provocative statements of Korchinsky on air – open threats directed towards me – is inadmissible for a studio guest, especially whilst on the air. Among the statements that Korchinsky allowed himself to say there also was, for example, a wish that I, along with the faction and all who support us, to leave for the ‘RF’ [Russian Federation – ed]. I want to remind Korchinsky that we are supported by millions of Ukrainian citizens, and such statements can only be interpreted as a direct threat and a call to all who displease ‘korchinsky’ to leave the territory of Ukraine.

In response to this passage I suggested that these people can leave with their territories. It started to wonder if Korchinsky was afraid that by making such statements the situation that happened in Donbass can occur elsewhere. I.e. it was said solely to stop the overt separatist calls of Korchinsky. Who permitted him to define who is a correct or incorrect Ukrainian, and especially to offend people and to threaten them. Moreover, what happened on air exists on the ‘112’ YouTube channel. But I will defend my honor and the honor of people who supported us in elections and who support us now. And coward provokers, like Korchinsky – whose courage consists of conducting dialogue not with arguments, but by offending and threatening the interlocutor – will sooner or later be held responsible for every disgusting word, for the hatred that they spread on the air. In Ukraine there will be peace. Because peace is wanted by a bigger number of citizens than any korchinskys. It’s not they who should decide our destiny,” stressed Evgeny Balitsky.

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