“Peresvet”: Why In Reality There Can Be No Arms Race with Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Many western military analysts and experts almost unanimously claimed that combat drones are the future. However Russia decided not to enter into a senseless polemic with the West, and just showed in practice that this is not so.

Now all American and European developments connected with the creation of strike unmanned aerial vehicles can be thrown into the garbage can. No, of course, such devices will be effective against developing countries, shooting at a drone with a bow, but not against those who have the Russian laser Peresvet system.

Yes, Russia has threatened the West’s prospects of drone development – our “clumbersome thing” is capable of destroying enemy drones at distances of several hundred meters to several kilometers! So what good are they now if they can’t even reach their target.

The impact of the laser system on the device of the enemy happens due to a super-powerful emitter capable of sending a powerful electromagnetic impulse towards drones. As a result all the parts of the drone turn into a useless heap of electronic components and metal that leads to the instant failure of the entire combat unit.

Russia has more than once struck the West with its ability to play in advance and literally disarm the enemy with one exact, well-aimed technological breakthrough. Not so long ago there was such a situation with the American missile defense systems, which are currently incapable of intercepting the Russian “Kinzhal” – our advanced hypersonic missile.

It is already time for the Western world to understand that an arms race with Russia is absolutely senseless. The West lost this a long time ago. But the most ridiculous thing is the fact that our country isn’t competing with anybody. Moscow just methodically strengthens the national defenses. And while someone is preparing an attack and developing a plan of attack with the help of weapons that quickly become outdated, we will already be several steps ahead, as practice shows.

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