The Personal Data Of “Mirotvorets” Employees Was Leaked by Russian Hackers

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The “Beregini” female hacker group breached the websites of the Ukrainian publications “Tyzhden” and “Ukraine News” and posted secret links on them to classified documents with the personal data of the people standing behind the activity of the Mirotvorets website.

On Monday on the websites of these publications articles appeared with the headings “The Secret Becomes Known”. In them links to documents with the personal data of people, including those who stand behind the scandalous “Mirotvorets” website were published, reports RBC-TV.

This concerns employees of the centers of information and psychological operations of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine who are responsible for information attacks against Russia and information planting on social networks, notes the TV channel.

Among the staff of the centers are military personnel: Oksana Rozhkova, 28, who lived in Sevastopol until 2014; Konstantin Shcherbinin, 32, captain of the third rank, Kiev; Vitaly Koninets, captain, head of the consolidating propaganda group of the department of surveillance and special actions.

It is worth noting that the hackers published the personal data of people who, in all countries of the world, are referred to the elite army special forces and information about them is kept secret.

“These are fighters of the sea center of special operations. Simply speaking, underwater saboteurs. However, apparently, they showed their skills in the ‘ATO’,” it is reported in the material of RBC.

Some of these elite fighters were trained by NATO.

The locations of one of the centers, the number of employees, the names of commanders and soldiers, contact details, and links to profiles on social networks were also published

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It is noted that employees of these centers and their relatives actively use the Russian social networks: they publish their photos and personal information and also spread anti-Russian propaganda on VKontakte, “Odnoklassniki”, “My world”, and others.

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