What Petro Poroshenko “Forgot” to Say During His New Year’s Address

By Ollie Richardson & Marcel Sardo

The following text is a copy of Petro Poroshenko’s Orwellian speech delivered on on New Year’s Eve to the hostages of the American colony known as “Ukraine”. A more understandable summary of his verbiage can be found in bold.

“First of all, let us rejoice at our fellow citizens who recently came back from captivity to friends and relatives. Thank God, we managed to wrest them from the enemy’s torture chambers.”

(The mountain of proof of the SBU torturing POWs now eclipses Mount Everest.)

“Let us congratulate the Ukrainian warriors with great respect. They firmly hold the line on the east frontiers. We will continue to reinforce the new army – our pride and our glory.”

(The UAF are literally unable to capture more territory in the “ATO”.)

“Let Crimea and Sevastopol, Donetsk and Luhansk hear my sincere wishes through the artificial delimitation lines. Brothers and sisters, your home is Ukraine… At some point we will banish and punish the robber who plundered our home.”

(Crimea and Sevastopol, Donetsk and Lugansk will never return into the structure of “Ukraine”.)

“I convey sincere greetings to our international partners. USA has just announced a decision to supply modern defensive weapons to us. A step in this direction was made by Canada and other states. The European Union extended sanctions against the country-aggressor as well.”

(The US uses Ukraine like a condom, and when its use is spent, its place in the bin will be found.)

“And the decision of the Stockholm arbitration tribunal was made as if it is a Christmas gift. It protected us from the extremely unfavorable conditions of the gas contract of the ninth year.

Once again, I congratulate hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who have already used the visa-free regime. And millions who will take the advantage of it in the future. I congratulate all of us on our resolute and irreversible movement towards Europe. Last year’s festive night we only made a wish for the visa-free regime and now it came true.”

(Most Ukrainians who use the “visa-free” have plans to never return.)

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“Still with mistakes, but we move forward. After several years of crisis caused by the war, we are switching to recovery and development.”

(The standard of living is closer to Ethiopia than Switzerland.)

“Huge gratitude to all of you for everything the country has achieved. This is the result of our joint work.

The Government should speed up the pace of growth in the new year. The improvement of the level of life noticeable for the majority of Ukrainians is essential. And we are capable of that.”

(The recovery of Ukraine [especially economic] is non-existent. The only “achievement” left is to default and disintegrate.)

“As President, I will provide the political conditions necessary for the economic growth. We should take away the matches from those who want set fire to the house from the inside. We should open fire on those who will attack us from the outside. We should cherish our unity as the apple of one’s eye.

Optimism, faith in our country, our forces are our main resource. Everything will be alright. For this, as archbishop Lubomyr Husar told, we should pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on us.

I wish Ukrainian citizens and Ukrainians all over the world peace, happiness and prosperity!”

(“Peace, happiness, and prosperity” can only be found by fleeing to Russia.)

“Happy New Year!

Glory to Ukraine!”

(Sieg Heil!)

Now watch it – in all its misery:

[A true class clown of his people.]

And now, for contrast, read and watch how the Leader of the multipolar world, Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, addressed his people:

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[A true leader of his people.]

Can you sense the difference between a loser and a winner?

Happy New Year!

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