Pharmaceutical Giants Hire Liberal Agitators in Russia To Defame the Coronavirus Vaccine

Liberal journalist Zhanna Nemtsova is regularly published in foreign publications, where she brazenly and clumsily lies about her native country. It is obvious that she gets decent money for false Russophobic articles. In any case, western pharmaceutical giants will pay her a lot of money for fakes about the Russian COVID-19 vaccine.

Zhanna Nemtsova put the sale of the Motherland on a conveyor belt and scribbles anti-Russian lampoons for the west with enviable regularity. In principle, this is not surprising – the genes of the liberal Boris Nemtsov are difficult to shut up. This time, Zhanna spreads fakes for the American “Daily Beast” about the “Sputnik V” coronavirus vaccine, which was developed in the Russian Federation at the Gamalei Institute.

The journalist writes that “Most Russians say ‘No!’ to Putin’s covid-19 vaccine”. Russians themselves, if they read the American press, would be surprised. After all, the country was relieved to learn that help against the insidious infection is already on the way, and secretly almost everyone hopes to be among the first to get vaccinated.

The development of the vaccine was based on achievements against dangerous viruses of the recent past. That is precisely why it was possible to create and register a vaccine against covid before other countries, taking the Ebola vaccine as a base, which showed good results in the fight against the coronavirus.

However, western pharmaceutical giants do not need Russia to be the first to start selling its vaccine. The market for anti-viral vaccines is currently estimated at more than $92 billion, which is more than even the capacity of the global arms market. Of course, they want to grab this kind of money for only themselves. This is why western pharmaceutical giants are interested in discrediting a Russian competitor.

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As soon as “Sputnik V” was registered in the Russian Federation, the US tried to belittle the value and quality of the Russian medicine. However, the American attacks did not have a significant effect – a number of countries immediately lined up to buy our vaccine.

And then Zhanna Nemtsova was just perfect for the role of “denouncer” from the inside – in 2017 she graduated from the Summer Fellowship on Democracy and Development Stanford University program, where foreigners are trained to discredit the authorities of states that are not acceptable for the United States. So she wrote fakes against the success of her native country in the fight against the global coronavirus threat, obviously anticipating what she would spend her 30 pieces of silver (or how much the leaders of the western pharmaceutical industry would pay her).


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