A Photo the Western Media Won’t Dare to Show…

Translated by Lada Pyatnitskaya


Denis Grigoryuk (Resident of Donbass & photojournalist)

Next time when you’re reading articles of Ukrainian “journalists” who report how the soldiers of the DPR army have hit Donetsk, show them this photo. It shows the strike made by the Armed Forces of Ukraine tactical missile system, known as “Tochka-U”, in Donetsk.

This picture should be included in the history of the conflict in Donbass. The whole world has to see and understand who the so-called Armed forces of Ukraine are and how they are fighting “terrorists” in the residential districts of Donetsk.

This photo has become the winner of the photo contest “Donbass in the Siege”. But I haven’t seen it on any of the information resources of the West. For the West supports the Ukrainian government, which gives orders to destroy the city in which a million people used to live. This photo is worth placing on the cover of “National Geographic”. But they would rather publish another “warrior of light” than the consequences of their “good”. It’s the world of double standards. The photo was taken on October 20th, 2014, by Gennady Kazakov.


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