Plans Have Changed: The US Is Beginning to Clean up “Trails”

NEW – June 5, 2022

Western countries, including the United States, are gradually beginning to curtail some of the processes they launched at the beginning of the year in the expectation that events will develop according to a different scenario.

Mikhail Khazin, a political scientist and economist, told about this on the air of the radio “Moscow Speaks”, arguing about whether Russia still has the opportunity to return to its former life, or it is absolutely unlikely.

According to the expert, if we look at the American media now, we can see how they are gradually beginning to “clean up” some of the “trails” of the operation that the West planned to carry out according to its own scenario, and which was thwarted by Russian President Vladimir Putin in late February-early March.

Khazin recalled that he had already voiced this hypothesis a few weeks ago, but now he will repeat it, especially since there are signs of its confirmation.

“This hypothesis is that the United States was preparing its special operation, which Ukraine was supposed to start in late February-early March. This operation assumed an extremely tough cleansing of Donbass by the forces of the Ukrainian army. And today, already understanding what the Ukrainian army was like by that time, we can safely say that all this would have happened quickly enough,” Khazin said. “At the same time, the purpose of the operation would not be to cleanse Donbass, which Ukraine by and large does not care about. The goal would be to remove Vladimir Putin from power in the Russian Federation.”

To achieve this main goal, the United States has prepared two scenarios. The first scenario was based on the fact that Russia does not interfere in any way in the events taking place in Donbass, and then a wild wave would rise under the slogans “Putin abandoned everything”. Perhaps at this moment some kind of conspiracy would have been activated in the Kremlin, Khazin explained.

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“The second scenario was based on the fact that Russia would stand up for Donbass. Then it is immediately declared an aggressor, and all the relevant processes are launched – rabid Russophobia and, accordingly, the entire fifth column (which, by the way, has become very active),” the political scientist continued to explain.

At the same time, according to him, the second scenario assumed that by attacking Donbass, Ukrainian troops would break through to Russian territory. Therefore, in the Russian Federation, the theme that the authorities allowed a situation of June 22, 1941, should have been added to the protests of the fifth column, which means they should be overthrown

In addition, the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO was supposed to be part of this campaign. And this process, with such a development of events, should have happened at lightning speed, Khazin added.

However, all these plans were thwarted by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who on February 24 this year launched a special military operation to protect Donbass, as well as to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine.

“And in the current situation, the United States decided to trim all these trails. Moreover, in the United States, judging by some signs, the paid half–year campaign on Russophobia, timed to coincide with the upcoming Ukrainian operation, has been ending since last week,” Khazin notes. “Most likely, the money was allocated for about six months. And now the money is running out, and there will be no new tranche, and the free press does not work without budgets.”

As for the European Union, it is not yet clear whether someone else will pay there so that the Russophobic hysteria continues. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that many processes in Europe have stalled. For example, the adoption of the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions was very slow. In addition, the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO has slowed down. And finally, the information campaign among “handshakeable people” that Russia “must surrender” is also gradually fading.

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“Perhaps money is also running out there, and handshakeable people, as is known, do not work for free. This does not mean that all sanctions will be lifted in the West now, but I think that some sanctions will already be lifted, for a very simple reason – because the economic situation is deteriorating very rapidly,” Mikhail Khazin added.

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