Poland Accused the Kremlin of Organizing the Banderist March in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard





After New Year in Ukraine, two apparently unconnected events occurred. On January 1st, in Kiev, and in other cities of Ukraine, nationalists organized torchlight processions in honor of the birthday of their idol Stepan Bandera. And on the night of January 2nd, in one of villages of the Lvov region, as a result of a deliberate arson, the museum created from the place of the underground printing house of UPA completely burned down.

Both of these events were covered well by the Polish media. The torchlight procession of Banderists caused the indignant comments of Poles: they remembered the Volyn massacre, reprimanded the governors for supporting the Ukrainian authorities, and many of them compared this march to the NSDAP march in 1933. The news about the burned-down museum of UPA, on the contrary, pleased Polish readers. Here appeared “messages like Bravo!”, “What a wonderful day!” and “it’s like that to fight in UPA, with fire and until the land is bare!”

However, it is the Polish Internet website from the Right-wing conservative side fronda.pl that surprised the most. It succeed to “find” the true organizer of both actions, and even published his photo:

The translation of the article exposing the role of “agents of the Kremlin” in these events under the name “The Anti-Polish Provocation of Moscow, the Museum near Lvov Burned Down” is offered to your attention:

It’s not a secret to anybody that good Polish-Ukrainian cooperation doesn’t correspond with the interests of Moscow. The two events in Ukraine during the last few days that don’t serve Polish-Ukrainian friendship, force to suspect the order of the Kremlin.

The first of them are the loud marches in Kiev, Lvov, Zaporozhye, Odessa, and other cities of Ukraine, held in honor of Banderists. Of course, the cult of criminals who staged genocide under the sign of the Trident is blazing in Ukraine even without Kremlin fuel. Nevertheless, we are convinced that Moscow generously pays all who, in the most impudent way, promotes banderism, and does everything in its forces to keep the Ukrainian elite in the dazzle, which forces them to put murderers on a pedestal.

In this way, Moscow guarantees that Ukraine will never enter the European community of values. In Europe there is no place for a country that glorifies murderers. Those Ukrainians who preach Bandera’s cult, whether on the basis of the hope for payment fed by a stream of Rubles or due to the lack of political culture, saw the branch on which they sit, and push their free country into the paws of an imperial Russian bear.

Moscow, however, doesn’t remain passive in the Polish direction, trying to provoke as much as possible a hated reaction to the banderism cult on our side of the River Bug. A few days ago, as reports the website Kresy24.pl, in the wood near the village of Basovka near Lvov, the museum-caches of UPA was burned. It is about the object that was opened in 2014; UPA exposed their propaganda materials there. In 1955, there was a fight of soldiers between UPA and the Soviet troops, which is called sometimes “the last fight of UPA”.

Who burned this museum? It isn’t known. Of course, it is quite possible to accuse of this the Polish side,b which desires to revenge for the banderism cult. Even if it was indeed done by the Poles, one more time, whether they were acting by request of the Kremlin, or because of their political stupidity in which the Kremlin supported them. Most likely, however, it was done simply by Ukrainian agents of Moscow, only to blacken Poland. The burned-down object confirms it: which, like anything else, beats on the feelings of Ukrainians. Because they didn’t strike on the point connected with the execution of Poles, which UPA did, but in the place glorifying the fight of UPA against the Soviets.

And this affair probably won’t end at this. The corresponding agents, who are on a lead of Moscow, probably won’t leave the burned-down museum without a response. Also, in this way, the spiral of the Polish-Ukrainian hatred is untwisted. So it is like that and it will be like that, but we have to remember that we have to do everything in our forces to prevent dependence of Polish-Ukrainian relations from various incidents. Otherwise it would be an absolute triumph for Vladimir Putin.

Some Poles expressed disagreement with the obviously inadequate position of the author in the comments:

“The accusation against the Kremlin of supporting and financing the banderist marches and banderism in Ukraine is for me pure idiocy. It’s time, at last, to hit themselves on the forehead with something heavy and to admit that Ukrainians do it themselves. They are simply like that and they won’t change. It’s time to wake up and pursue responsible Polish policy in relation to this nation of bandits and ordinary murderers.”

“I’ve never read bigger nonsense than this.”

“They are ill … it is written in such strange language, probably this text was literally translated from Ukrainian into Polish … really, do neobanderists from Kiev think that we are as stupid as their colleagues?

In addition, on social networks Poles started posting the following picture:

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“Sacred mother! What will this Putin invent again.”

In general, it’s worth noting that similar crazy articles about exposing “Putin’s agents” are characteristic for the Ukrainian media. In the same way, the situation when Ukrainian politicians accuse each other of working for the Kremlin is ordinary. But in this case we see that some Polish journalists went on the string of their Ukrainian colleagues and also decided to join this political schizophrenia….

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