Poland Gave Ukraine an Archive of the Founder of Ukrainian Fascism

Dontsov’s spirit at the service of the Kiev regime

The Director-General of the National Library of Poland Tomasz Makowski handed over in a festive atmosphere to the Stefanyk Lvov National Library, in the person of its director Fershtei Vasilii, 4 terabytes of digital copies of the archives of the founder of Ukrainian integral nationalism (Ukrainian fascism) Dmitry Dontsov and documents about the activity of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen.

The transfer took place on the basis of the agreement signed in 2018 between the Polish Institute of National Memory and the Ukrainian archival services in Odessa, Vinnytsia, and Khmelnitsky. Ukraine undertook to transfer to Poland documents concerning the so-called “Polish operation” of the NKVD in 1937-1938. In exchange the Poles gave Ukraine the archives of Ukrainian nationalist organisations.

It is possible to speak about the ideological collusion of Kiev and Warsaw. It is known how frivolously the Polish side handles archival data, using it to compose myths about mass repression against Poles in the Soviet Union. The “Polish operation” of the NKVD was performed in connection with the rough activity of Polish intelligence in the USSR and its contacts with the intelligence agencies of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, and militaristic Japan. This is recognised even by some Polish researchers.

Poland’s delivery to Ukraine of archives of nationalist groups and their leaders is to provide the Kiev regime with additional ideological tools to promote ethnic hatred. Poland is perfectly aware of who Dontsov is. In the 1920s he was in Poland in emigres, and in Poland his misanthropic opuses were published.

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Here some quotes from his work: “Be aggressors and invaders before becoming rulers and owners … The universal truth doesn’t exist”, “The Ukrainian idea wants to fight against others for dominion … the ideal is expansion”.

Dontsov sympathised with Hitler and Mussolini, and translated “Mein Kampf” into Ukrainian. In the article “Spirit of Time” he divides Ukrainians into castes – the few-in-number uppers (nationalist) and the numerous lowers, not capable of understanding the importance of nationalism. He calls the latter “harnessed cattle that go where it is told to go” and calls for the implementation of “creative violence” against them: “It isn’t a defect if the leader sometimes is forced to drain rotten blood … to force the rampaging elements to submissively bow their heads”.

In the 1920s-1940s Dontsov’s views will form the basis of the ideology of OUN-UPA. Poland’s flirtation with Ukrainian nationalism (Volyn massacre of 1943) will backfire with blood. Now Warsaw shares Dontsov’s poison with Ukraine, knowing in advance that it won’t bring peace and harmony to Ukraine.

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