Poland Independence Day March: Nationalists Burn Flag of Ukraine, Denounce Bandera & UPA

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



On 11.11.16, in Poland, a march of nationalists took place, the number of which their so-called Ukrainian “colleagues” can only viciously envy.

On November 11th the Poles celebrate the day of independence of Poland, the count of which goes back to 11.11.1918.

Close to 100,000 people participated in the march of independence, reported the Polish journalist Tomasz Mateychuk.

He, with reference to information from the Polish media, said that during the Warsaw Independence march, organized by Polish nationalists from the National Movement, burned flags of LGBT and Ukraine.

The participants of the march were not limited to just the burning of the flag: the Polish nationalists actively chanted the slogan “F*ck UPA and Bandera!”.

The details were clarified by the correspondent of Gazeta.pl: “disguised fans of one of Warsaw’s football clubs finished their beer, threw the Ukrainian flag on the ground, began to trample on it, and then burned it in front of my eyes”.

The publication reports that the group of nationalists trampled the yellow and blue flag, shouting: “God, honor, Fatherland”. Then they set fire to the flag and again threw it on the floor, while at the same time, young people sounded choice words against the “heroes of Ukraine” Stepan Bandera and UPA.


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