Here Is Why Poland Needs Ukrainians…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The time came to reveal the cards. Ukrainian migrants are needed by Poland not only as unskilled workers or potential Poles to solve the problem of catastrophic depopulation. There are only the minor reasons for the reception of one million Ukrainian gastarbeiters and the creation for them of more or less comfortable working conditions, accommodation and, actually, legalization.

Warsaw has revealed the main role of Ukrainians only now. “Neighbours coming to make money” is a living shield in front of the horde of Middle Eastern refugees that Brussels already for the third year tries to redirect to the East in order to facilitate the fate of the largest leaders of the EU. Today, at last, Poland officially recognized why it attracted such a quantity of Ukrainian migrants.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland ‎Mariusz Błaszczak during the meeting with European colleagues that took place in Luxembourg officially stated that for security reasons Warsaw can’t accept refugees according to the program of their transfer initiated by the European Union. The matter is that Poland has already accepted one million migrants from Ukraine, who, in fact, flee from the war and the hardest economic crisis. It is much simpler for Ukrainians to assimilate in Poland than, for example, these same Muslims. And such an arrangement of priorities completely suits Warsaw.

Poles must care about their own security and the welfare of their neighbors and “dear guests”, that’s why they have no right to risk and to accept Middle Eastern refugees, who the Ministry of Internal Affairs simply won’t be able to cope with.

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As is known, Brussels, in September, proposed a new program of transferring refugees from the South of the EU to Eastern Europe. According to the plan, Poland, Hungary, and Romania should accept 50,000 migrants already at the beginning of the next year. Most likely, the leaders of the European Union put the strongest pressure and actually force the Eastern European States to obey their will. Poland, which already for so many years has successfully resisted the migration aggression of Brussels, was obliged to use its trump, which has been hidden away since 2014. Back then, the Poles hospitably opened the doors to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians in order to create over three years an ideal shield for themselves in front of the unwanted guests from the South.

Only now has the “threefold value” of Ukrainians for Polish masters been revealed. Cheap labour, a peculiar support for the market of this labour – which almost collapsed because of the fleeing of young Poles farther to Europe, and an impenetrable argument against the migration policy of the EU. It’s a quite a reasonable price for protection against the Islamist yoke that currently destroys Western Europe.

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