Poland Prepared Claims for Restitution in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson



In Poland, the first two claims of the descendants of the owners of Polish estates on the territories that now belong to Ukraine were prepared for filing in the courts of Lutsk and Ternopil. In line are two more claims, which will go to Kiev and Kharkov. Polish citizens intend to exercise the right to restitution, according to the Polish news agency Prawica.

Restitution (latin restitutio – restoration) – in international law is a form of compensation for material damage resulting from an unlawful international actions by recovering the state that existed before the said actions. It can be performed in different ways.

“In these cases it is best practice to preserve documents,” said Konrad Renkas, Chairman of the Association of Kresowians (Poles who once lived on the lands of Western Ukraine).

According to him, the demands of the plaintiffs are different: one person wants compensation for the use of their property, another for a payment of damages from lost profits due to the confiscation of their means of production, and some simply aim to return their ancestral lands.

Among the properties that the Poles demand are apartment houses, tens of hectares of land, and even a copper mine in the Kharkov region, which was estimated at half a million dollars.

In total the organization of Konrad Renkas for the year prepared materials for 1,600 claims to restitution.

“All of these claims became possible in connection with the termination of the moratorium on the sale of land in Ukraine from 1st January 2017 and the removal by the European Commission of restrictions on the ownership of land in foreign countries,” writes the agency.

As was reported by Korrespondent.net, Poland wants to participate in negotiations with Ukraine. This was stated by Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Peklo. In his opinion, it is impossible to resolve the conflict in Donbass without neighbouring countries, such as Poland.

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