Poland on the Situation in the EU: If There Is a Choice Between Russia and Ukraine, Many Will Choose Moscow

Translated by Ollie Richardson



If put in a situation where there is a need to choose between Russia and Ukraine, some European Union countries may choose Moscow. This was stated by the head of the office of the President of Poland Krzysztof Szczerski in an interview to the “Sieci” magazine, reports TVP Info.

“Just concerning the countries of our region, relations with Kiev don’t constitute the function of relations with Moscow. I am afraid that if a situation arises whereby Europe will be forced to choose between Ukraine and Russia, other capitals that Kiev today counts on will choose Moscow,” said Szczerski.

According to him, even if the Ukrainian authorities will, like during the first and second Maidans, again ask for the help of Eastern Europe, Poland may not support Kiev like it did earlier.

Szczerski noted that this also is the result of the fact that Ukraine imposed a ban on the exhumation of Poles. This, according to the head of office of Duda, is a big mistake by the Ukrainian politicians.

As “Vesti” earlier wrote, the authorities [of Ukraine – ed] tried to present the Eastern Partnership summit, which ended on Friday, as a victory. Despite all the strained interpretations, its results were negative. That’s why pro-government politicians spoke about this topic for one day, so that by Monday it could be safely forgotten.

Brussels’ transition from full support to a critical attitude towards the Ukrainian authorities didn’t take place in one stage. But in general, until the autumn of 2016 positive evaluations prevailed. So far the new ambassador of the EU, the Frenchman Hugh Mingarelli (who replaced the Pole Jan Tombiński last summer), isn’t fully up to speed on the matter.

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It was also reported that the 5th Eastern Partnership Summit showed that the hopes of Kiev concerning EU membership aren’t fated to come true: the day prior the European Commissioner Hahn directly recommended to Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia to refrain from statements about “imminent accession” – allegedly, it won’t happen, and the electorate will be disappointed in the governments.

Ukraine’s more ordinary desire to be included in the EU Customs Union and the Schengen Agreement (the EU ambassador in Ukraine already destroyed these hopes) also haven’t come true. Here this concerns the loss of the third tranche of macrofinancial aid “weighing” €600 million (Kiev hasn’t implemented 4 of the EU’s 22 criteria points for receiving money, the main one being verification of e-declarations and specific criminal cases against top officials with specific sentences).

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