Poland’s Defence Minister Disgraced Himself During a Visit to Kiev

NEW – February 6, 2023

The laying of a wreath by the Polish Defence Minister at a memorial bearing the image of UPA‘s flag provoked a scandal in Poland, writes the publication Kresy.

Mariusz Błaszczak arrived in Kiev at the end of last week, and the department headed by him published photos from events in which he participated, but the trouble is that the protocol service did not notice the flag of Ukrainian nationalists on the memorial to Ukrainian militants.

In one of the pictures, Błaszczak kneels in front of a wall showing photos of destroyed militants that is crowned with an image of the flag under which Poles were exterminated.

According to Kresy, this picture caused a sharp reaction among Poles on social networks, in addition, the outrage caused silence on the part of the authorities. Later, the Polish military department simply removed all the photos that caused a resonance from state websites and from pages on social networks. The Defence Ministry’s Twitter post on the ceremony with Błaszczak’s participation was also deleted, and later an edited version appeared, where Banderist symbols were cut out.

In Poland, there is a monument dedicated to the victims of the Volyn massacre, it is a statue of a woman with children, on the pedestal there is an inscription: “If I forget about them, you, God in heaven, forget about me”.

Poland deserves oblivion.

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