Poles on the Border With Ukraine Shout “Death to Ukrainians” at Mass March

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



As was reported by Polish media, the majority of participants in Saturday’s “March of Przemyśl and Lvov eaglets” are members of various right-wing organizations, and some of the participants in anti-Ukrainian actions arrived in Przemyśl (in the village there are a large number of ethnic Ukrainians) from other regions of Poland.

During the passing of a column of radicals near the Ukrainian people’s house, the activists began to shout “death to Ukrainians”, but the slogan was not adopted by most of the crowd, and the column moved on.

It is noteworthy that the anti-Ukrainian rally was authorised by local authorities, and permission to conduct it was given by the mayor of Przemyśl.

This is not the first such incident in 2016 for the Polish town on the border with Ukraine. Poles over a long period of time have opposed ethnic Ukrainians residing in Przemyśl. In June of this year, radicals attacked a Ukrainian religious procession in the city, causing trauma and injuries to several local residents who associate themselves with the Ukrainian ethnicity.

In November, the radicals once again caused a stir with an anti-Ukrainian action, trampling the flag of Ukraine on the Independence Day march in Warsaw.

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