Poles Honor the Memory of Soviet Soldiers With Hundreds of Lighted Candles and Lamps

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Poles held an unprecedented action of memory of Soviet soldiers. Residents of the city of Olkusz honoured their memory with hundreds of lit candles and  lamps.

In the video, filmed by Jerzy Tyc – the head of the volunteers restoring the monuments to the Red Army on the territory of the Republic, it is visible that at Olkusz cemetery memorial lamps stand at each grave, while most of them are concentrated on the pedestal of a semi-circular arch, on which it is written “Heroes of the Soviet Army who fell in battle against Hitler’s invaders for the liberation of the Olkusz land.”

“I’m amazed that so many flowers and candles were brought by the Poles on the day of remembrance of the deceased. Never, never was there this much. Hundreds of candles and flowers,” says the author of the video.

As Tyc considers, the video made by him is proof that people don’t agree with the “false and abhorrent” policy of the current Polish authorities, directed against Russia.

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