Police Officers In Ukraine Reduced a Young Girl to Tears Because of her Soviet Forage Cap

Police officers in Zaporozhye forced a girl to take off her forage cap with a red star on it, thereby making the child cry. A video of the incident was posted by the Facebook user Katharine Yankina.

In the footage it is seen how the girl clings to her mother and cries. Around her there are police officers and eyewitnesses. From the conversations of the public it is clear that the girl is upset because the police officers forced her to take off her forage cap because a red star is attached to it.

The police are asked what threat children with such symbols pose to national security. In turn employees referred to Ukrainian legislation – the law “On the Condemnation of Communist and Nazi Regimes”.

An indignant eyewitnesses of the events said that such actions of police officers are a “shame” and “impudence”.

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