Police Ordered to Arrest People Wearing Soviet Symbols on the Anniversary of the Liberation of Odessa

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Kiev “government” prepared itself in advance for April 10th, when Odessa celebrates the Day of liberation from fascist troops. Additional units of the National Guard of Ukraine were deployed to the south Odessa region a few days ago, to the small town of Bolgrad. In order to form the structure of the created unit, representatives from the Zhitomir, Chernigov, and Cherkasy regions were collectively gathered.

In addition to “Nazis” – as the people call them – the “dangerous” days in Odessa on April 10th, May 2nd, and on May 9th will be “protected” from the inhabitants of Odessa by strengthened police and representatives of radical “patriotic” organizations.

The chief of police in the Odessa region Dmitry Golovin stated at a briefing that the police will “immediately and rigidly” react to red flags and St. George’s Ribbons, and will arrest people with “communistic symbolics”. About the nazi and fascist symbolics used by Ukrainian nationalists, he said nothing, because they have no complaints about the current “authorities”.

The chief Odessa policeman considers that “certain destructive forces” will consciously on April 10th bring people with communistic symbolics and St. George’s Ribbons to the streets, but the valorous police and radicals won’t allow anything of that nature to happen.

By “destructive forces” the chief of police is referring to the long ago forgotten-by-him feelings of Conscience and Memory, which force all adequate People to come out to the Ukrainian streets in honor of days of liberation of their cities and the Day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. To come out to the streets, knowing that odious radicals will be set upon them, which will provoke, attack, and in every way possible to play dirty tricks on the descendants of Soviet soldiers that didn’t lose their memory. People will furtively wear a St. George’s Ribbon under their clothes, to constrain their emotions, gritting their teeth, and to dream about a new, swift Victory over new fascists, nazis, and auxiliary policemen.

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Only the descendants of the defeated Fritz and their henchmen – local traitors and auxiliary policemen who exterminated their own people in that long ago war – can forbid on Victory day the symbols and banners of the winners, under which they defeated “European” Hitler’s fascism. In the same way that they do it today, shamefully hiding behind the ugly word “ATO” to justify their crimes.

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