Police vs Azov in Kharkov: Why Nationalists Were Prevented From Blocking Sberbank

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



At the branch of “Sberbank” in Kharkov, which was blocked off by nationalists much like similar acts in Kiev and other cities, there was a skirmish. Such actions to this day have happened with the full connivance of the police. The political scientist Dmitry Gubin thinks that the streets of Kharkov are surrendered to nationalists.

As the correspondent of “Nahnews” Dmitry Gubin reported from a place of events, the door to the bank was immured, and activists sat around. The situation was also commented on by the organizers of the action. “Our action is indefinite, and will continue until the last Russian bank closes its doors,” wrote the head of the Azov Civil Corps Oleg Shiryaev on his page on Facebook.

Meanwhile everything was not so seamless for the nationalists, as it was in other cities. Police officers began to disperse the participants of the action. On his page on a social network Shiryaev also reported about it.

“Kharkov. Donets-Zakharzhevsky Street. The Kharkov battalion beat activists of ‘National Corpus’. Those who can – come on down, that’s how Maidan began. Activists were blocking the bank, they didn’t violate anything… and here is the result,” wrote Oleg Shiryaev on his page.

The situation was commented by the political scientist Dmitry Gubin. There is a question: is this action a continuation of events in Kiev and other cities?

“Really, it occurs within the anti-Sberbank campaign. I was surprised that it still hadn’t come to Kharkov. Although Kharkov is, so to speak, the ancestral home of the ‘Azov’ movement. And what surprised me most of all is how it turned out that Kharkov lasted so long without actions of this sort. On the other hand, in Kharkov there are really a lot of branches of ‘Sberbank of Russia’, but it, after Ukraine forbade transactions of ‘Kolibri’, ‘Zolotaya Korona’ and those similar to them, as a matter of fact, faded already into the background for mass consumers of banking services,” reported the expert.

Dmitry Gubin considers that the streets of Kharkov are ruled by nationalists. “As a matter of fact the streets were surrendered to ‘Azov’ and the National Corpus growing from it. It is a symbiotic relationship between nazi activists and football fans,” he emphasized.

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Why the police began to disperse the activists so far isn’t known.

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