The Polish Foreign Ministry Accused Ukraine of Waging Hybrid War Against the Country

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Accusations made against the Polish authorities of attempting to block the European integration of Ukraine are an element of hybrid war that is conducted against Poland.

This was stated by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Bartosz Cichocki during a meeting with the Chairman of the World Congress of Ukrainians Eugene Czolij, reports “Korrespondent”.

“In fact, the groundless accusations made against the Polish authorities about allegedly blocking the process of Ukraine’s European and euro-atlantic integration on the one hand, and on the other the little attention paid to affairs of commemoration, exhumation, and other historical questions, is an important element of hybrid war that is waged against our State,” said Cichocki.

In his opinion, this is explained by the growth of influence of Warsaw in the international arena.

“The fact of participation in campaigns steered from outside, in Ukraine and Poland, should cause reflection at the relevant institutions,” noted the Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland.

Big resonance in Ukraine caused by the statement of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski made to a Polish publication in an interview: Poland will block the possible entry of Ukraine into the European Union in the event the country doesn’t reconsider the historical disagreements with Poland, in particular – the figure of Stepan Bandera.

So, Markiyan Lubkivsky stated that Kiev should demand from Warsaw explanations for the statement of the Foreign Minister of Poland concerning the historical past of Ukraine and statements about the historical figure Stepan Bandera. He noted that Waszczykowski’s words cause harm to the relations between the two countries.

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The People’s Deputy Shukhevych [Yury – the son of Roman – ed] suggested to spit in the face of Poles, the writer Nitsoy demanded from the authorities to immediately make a statement about the genocide of Ukrainians by Poles, and the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the ambassador of Poland in Ukraine.

As a reminder, not so long ago in Lvov negotiations between the two countries took place, during which the Director of the Council of Preservation of Memory of Combat and Martyrdom of the Institute of National Remembrance of Poland Adam Sivek suggested to the head of the Institute of National Memory Vyatrovich to conduct the corresponding exhumation at the site of the destroyed memorial to fighters of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in Polish Hruszowice, however “he wasn’t interested in the offer”.

In turn, Ukraine refused to resume the search of Poles buried on the territory of the country. The Ukrainian side’s permission to carry out a search and to exhume Poles was cancelled after the destruction of a monument in Hruszowice.

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