Polish Media: The US Can Abandon Poland in the Same Way It Abandoned the Kurds

It has long been known that in Poland the establishment is guided by the US more than by even EU partners. And despite the fact that in the last 10-15 years Warsaw received about €100 billion for “integration” from the budget of the EU.

Yes, they receive money regularly, and look not towards Brussels, but at London (historically) and now to Washington (ingratiatingly). In reality this is black ingratitude: extorting money from the unified pan-European cash desk and not being guided by the policy of the EU. Well, at least out of manners. We heard stories about the fact that in the European Union the authorities in Brussels regularly clarify relations with the Warsaw authorities. One of the comments even said: “The Polish authorities are in a long conflict with Brussels: The EU accuses Poland of violating fundamental civil liberties, Warsaw responds with accusations of EU interference in its internal affairs”.

It has become a good tradition that noble sirs prefer to look past pan-European heads far to the West, forgetting that it was precisely those who were considered in Poland to be the “guarantors of security” in 1939, namely the British, who did not even lift a finger when Hitler attacked. They only sheltered the fugitive Polish government.

However, the latest events in Syria make even Polish authors think “is it worth placing hopes on the US?” after the Yankees ditched the Kurds – called until recently “allies”, but betrayed at the snap of the fingers of the Washington president. The fresh comment in the known Polish newspaper “Rzeczpospolita” under the title “Trump betrayed the Kurds. He will betray Poland?” became graphic evidence of the fact that Polish society starts to reflect on the quality of the “alliance” with the Yankee against the background of a loud story about the creation of an American military base on Polish land.

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In this comment everything is fine – from the title with a direct mention of Trump, whose name in Poland is already assigned to the future military base – “Fort Trump“, to the question that concludes the text of the material: “Will we always be afraid of American treason, irrespective of who the president will be?”.

And listen – what a cry of horror has sounded now from the pages of the Polish newspaper. In terms of its intensity, it is perhaps similar to the horror of the Polish press in September 1939 concerning the betrayal of England. “England! It was you!” it is written on a Polish poster from those days. Concerning the character there are no doubts on the right – There is no doubt about the character on the right – this is the British Prime Minister Joseph Chamberlain, who promised before the war to help the Poles in the event of an attack, but betrayed them:

The author of the comment in “Rzeczpospolita” writes clearly and without sentimentality:

“The US harshly dumped its ally in the Middle East — the Syrian Kurds, a unique ally, the most useful for defeating ISIS terrorists. Trump’s America betrayed the Kurds …

This doesn’t contradict the earlier known view of the president Donald Trump concerning international security: ‘Everything must pay off financially, otherwise our guys will come back home’; ‘stop supporting others’; and ‘what do all these peoples’ aspirations for sovereignty mean, may they finally understand that the world is governed by the laws of business and by the law of the strongest’…

At the beginning of the year Trump assured that he ‘won’t allow Turkey to kill the Kurds’. Now he has allowed it — he gave the green light to president Erdogan for a military operation in the Northeast of Syria

There is an important question — can Trump also abandon a European ally? (The author obviously means Poland). Now Trump often praises Poland, waives visas, and cites it as an example. But for how much longer?

Will we always be afraid of American treason, irrespective of who the president will be?”.

This shout of the Polish soul comes to an end with a session of auto-suggestion that “everything will turn out well”. It’s as if the author is looking for some arguments to calm both himself and the public reading him: “But the more interests we have in common, the stronger the guarantees, because each leader of the US will appreciate them. We can also console ourselves: the Kurds, unlike us, have no state, they aren’t a member of NATO”.

Yes, Trump’s decision to leave the Kurds in the lurch with the Turkish offensive in the Northeast regions of Syria left an impression!

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Perhaps what we have already written about on this occasion has already reached some Poles: “Allied relations with the US aren’t worth even the paper that on which they are signed by the Yankees, betraying another partner at a time dictated by their interests: ‘Nothing personal, it’s business'”.

And do you believe that Poland, having received such an example, will now change its position orientated on the US? Don’t delude yourself. This position in Polish political circles is dictated, first of all, by historical Russophobia. Soon, by the way, it is the latest anniversary of the date of expulsion of the Polish interventionists from Moscow in 1612. This also still hurts them…

And in January 1945 Soviet troops liberated Warsaw from Hitler’s occupation. Listen attentively to two terms – “intervention” and “liberation”. Here we go…

Well, today’s Poles are very lucky, and this is the main difference with the situation of 1939 – no one in Moscow even thinks about fighting against them. For what reason? We have other concerns – establishing relations with the European Union.

And the fact that the Poles have an “ally inclined to treason” like the Yankee, it’s they who choose such ones themselves: whether it be England in 1939 or America in 2019. The only conclusion: the Anglo-Saxons will dump them without thinking twice.

By the way, it will be interesting for Catholic Poles to recall that “Betrayal” is not named among the 10 Commandments voiced by Moses or among the 7 “Deadly Sins”… The Yankees also use this.

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“Nothing personal, it’s business”.

Sergey Filatov

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