The Polish Road to Odessa

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian authorities do on behalf of Poland all work on the creation of the transport and economic infrastructure of “great Poland from sea to sea”

The Ukrainian state agency “Ukravtodor” reported about construction plans of a modern four-band highway that will directly connect Odessa to the Polish Gdansk. The Ukrainian part of the international autocorridor will pass along the route Odessa — Uman — Lvov — Krakow.

“This road will connect the ports of the Black Sea to the ports of the Baltic Sea. We need to make this corridor very quickly, because without connection of the ports of the Black Sea with Western Europe it will be difficult to develop the economy of Ukraine. We start developing this project already this year,” stated the head of “Ukravtodor” Lyubomir Novak.

The desire to “develop the Ukrainian economy” by “axing” the next “window to Europe” isn’t at all new to the present Kiev authorities. Literally a year ago, with no less enthusiasm, their chiefs cried about other transport “megaprojects”. For example — about transit “autobahn” Odessa—Reni, on which Eastern goods had to rush in a rapid stream to Europe.

Why they had to rush precisely along this remote route, while nearby the main “European port” of the Black Sea is situated — the Romanian Constanța, wasn’t specified. This venture came to an end as one would expect – with hot air. As well as the adventure with the allegedly “superprofitable” railway route to China already through two seas (!!!) — Black and Caspian, but most importantly— bypassing Russia, which was closed immediately after the first test run because it threatened its initiators with full and fast bankruptcy.

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However, in case with the project of the route Odessa—Gdansk, the development of events can somehow be different. And the sense here is not at all in its economic prospects, which are represented, to put it mildly, purely hypothetical. In any case, the present low level of commodity exchange of Ukraine with the European Union quite allows to manage the existing transport network.

The specifics of this allegedly especially economic infrastructure project are in the fact that it almost ideally fits, firstly, in the geopolitical concept of the Balto-Black Sea union, which is actively pushed forward by the Kiev authorities in defiance of Russia. And, secondly — in geographical outlines of what in is called in Polish historical tradition is called precisely “Polska od morza do morza”, i.e. “Poland from sea to sea”. In reference books on this occasion it is written that this is a nationalist slogan in the framework of the Polish analog of Pan-Slavism or ideological policy, implying that the federation of people under the administration of Poland must extend “from sea to sea”, i.e. from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

It is no secret that this geopolitical concept enjoys wide popularity in modern Poland. And it is very favorable to Warsaw that Ukraine, which due to the will of current self-appointed governors refused orientation to Russia, that it drifts to the west, i.e. objectively and, first of all, towards Poland. Including in a strategically important infrastructural sense.

By and large, Poles don’t need to do anything special except to wait for a logical outcome of this drift. In fact, in Ukraine, in any case, its northwest part floats itself into their hands.

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And the irony of the situation in this case is in the fact that Ukrainian governors row in this direction, to who the fear of Russia obscures their eyes to the extent that it obviously prevents them to adequately evaluate other, quite real, geopolitical threats.

And all of this is the best case scenario. Because in the worst one it is impossible to exclude also that a part of the Kiev elite, in view of inevitable and already imminent collapse of Ukraine, already now reorientated towards Warsaw, and with all means to merit the future reverent of owners.

And what is characteristic is that it is Ukrainians themselves who are going to build this aforementioned intersea autobahn Odessa—Gdansk on their territory, and to spend on this their own money, whereas the Poles will only nod their heads approvingly. Especially as the Polish part of the road to the Black Sea has been ready already for a long time.

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