Politics: A Game of Chess

Translated by Captain Ahab


Sameh Asker

Kurdistan is a region that stretches across four countries (Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria), a majority of Kurds want a separate Nation State, meaning that a people with one culture, religion, language and ideology have every intention of seeking independence. And so the independence of one part encourages the others and accelerates the disintegration of the other four states.

The formation of a Kurdish State in Northern Syria poses a threat not only to Damascus but also Baghdad, Ankara, and Tehran. The US by playing the Kurd card is doing just that, encouraging the Balkanization of Iraq and Iran.

Turkey is the only state that is resisting the US in trying to prevent the creation of a Kurdish state, Syria is pre-occupied. As for Iraq, she is led by Haidar Al-Abadi, and although he is a class act, he is surrounded by fragmented political parties that are beholden to strong religious institutions, and so he is forced to deal with these institutions. To make my point clearer, today Iraq is not a secular state and any Kurdish attempt at independence will be met by a religious war waged by the South and Midlands, especially as one third of Iraqi oil is located in Northern Iraq.

As for Iran, they got rid of all armed Kurdish separatists including Komala, who were the largest armed group. These movements no longer have any social incubator in Iran, the Iranian government has also destroyed the Kurdish Democratic party and killed their leader, Qazi Muhammad, way back in 1946 following their occupation of the city of Mahabad. It can be concluded that Iranian Kurds have the least tendency in seeking independence.

Saudi Arabia has opened an embassy in Iraqi Kurdistan, probably following US orders. This would allow Saudi Arabia to finance separatist Kurds in Iran. Iran, though, is not worried as Turkey is carrying the bulk of the load for the time being, and Russia has already pledged the unity of Syria and Iraq cannot and will not allow any independence or separatist movements to flourish. As for the Saudi embassy, it can be easily countered by setting up an intelligence operation to assassinate any potential leaders or movements in the crib, figuratively.

The same thing that is happening in Kurdistan is being mirrored in Baluchistan. This is a region that overlaps 3 countries (Iran – Pakistan – Afghanistan), however the desire for independence is less than in Kurdistan, but they have armed movements that pose a danger to all three countries. Here we can see the Saudi/US axis planning to wreak havoc as well.

A word to the wise we’ve seen how six states both Sunni and Shiite agree on one goal (preventing the establishment of Kurdistan and Baluchistan), and how the US and Saudi Arabia are doing their upmost to establish separatist entities. The US has managed to bring together six countries crossing ethnic and religious lines to stop plans that aim to dismantle their countries.

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