The Poor Soldiers of the USA

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the website of the “Los Angeles Times” the news appeared that tens of thousands of American soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are required to return the payments paid to them at the time of “combat”…

Supposedly, according to the official version, the bonus money given for participating in the fighting was too large and in violation of the law. And now they are demanding for it to be returned, and are threatening them with interest, penalties, and other horrible things.

The thing is, the Americans were not motivated enough to participate in these wars far from their native country, therefore, in order to provide the necessary number of cannon fodder for war, they had to lure by any means, including attracting illegal immigrants with promises of citizenship, as well as with cash allowances for risk. And now this carrot, with which they were lured to war with, and has long been eaten, is demanded back in perfect condition.

As this publication is local, it talks about the situation in California (apparently, across the country, the situation is similar).

The California National Guard alone gave for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan more than 10,000 people. And now from all of them they demanding the return of large sums of “combat cash”, which is in the tens of thousands of dollars “from each nostril”.

It’s an interesting movie: when cannon fodder was necessary for war, nobody cared about the legality of the payment of additional bonuses (and, most importantly, the funding was found for this), and when the soldiers weren’t needed anymore, the feds abruptly “remembered” about legality.

Money is snatched, regardless of merit, even from veterans who served 20-25 years in the army and have Purple Hearts and other government awards. And even from the disabled, who lost in the war arms, legs, and, overall health.


Characteristically, they don’t demand to return money spent by corporations who use  tens and hundreds of billions of dollars to simulate the development of different useless“wunderwaffe”. But with soldiers, who honestly served the homeland and risked their lives, are stripped of seven skins.

As the saying goes, nothing’s personal, just business.

P.S. As it is known, the Ukrainian puppet regime loves to repeat everything after their American masters. And in this case they will do the same.

When fighters were needed to suppress the uprising against the anti-constitutional coup, Poroshenko and his gang never cared about the rule of law, and promised a 1000 hryvnia per day, a huge insurance payment, land and so on.

But when the need for action disappears, “volunteers” and soldiers and officers of the UAF will face a harsh reality, where they performed the criminal orders that violate the laws and the oath. And as a result the government will peel them to the bone and will turn them into scapegoats.

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