Poroshenko Administration Tried to Disrupt Rally in Support of Trump in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




Today near the U.S. Embassy in Kiev activists of several public associations congratulated Donald Trump on taking office. About two dozen people held posters saying “Trump, Welcome to Ukraine!”, “Trump — Peace for Ukraine”, “You can’t con people. At least, not forever”, and “Political psychology of the future”.

The organizer of the action Yury Kleynos stated that the day before he was called by Presidential Administration and they tried to threaten him, but it was decided to proceed with the action nevertheless to show the attitude of simple Ukrainians to Trump is not the same as the present power has.

“Trump was cynically and impudently criticized by representatives of the roguish Ukrainian power, which by their actions conned all people of Ukraine. Such scandalous claims – saying that he was moronic and others can’t be forgiven. We came to show an alternative point of view – that ordinary Ukrainians support the newly elected president and consider that he and his team will be a guarantee of real peace in Donbass,” said the social activist.

At the same time Kleynos expressed disagreement with Trump’s position about the possibility of the recognition of Russian Crimea.

To the leaving president Barack Obama, who one of activists represented, his “achievements” in diplomacy and strengthening of friendship of peoples, were remembered, and “good rest” was wished, and “Good-bye!” was chanted.

“Obama” (man in a Obama mask – ed) confessed before the people of Ukraine for the fact that he didn’t allow the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, brought Ukraine to a state of Ruin, and expressed confidence that the new U.S. President will help stabilise the situation with Ukraine and with the world.

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Activists brought to a diplomatic building for Donald Trump bread with salt on an embroidered cloth, and placed it on top of the notice board with information for visitors of the embassy.


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