Poroshenko Appointees Are Preparing an ATO in Kherson

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The situation in Kherson is heating up – the attempt of Deputies of the Regional Council to displace its head Andrey Putilov, appointed by Petro Poroshenko, risks ending in their physical extermination.


Another region of Ukraine is ready to plunge into the abyss of civil war

The appointee of Poroshenko, Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Andriy Putilov, is preparing a reprisal of the opposition, reported from Kherson.

On Friday, the deputies of the Regional Council of the Kherson region voted for the removal from office of its head – Poroshenko’s appointee Andriy Putilov. As it became known, at present, Putilov is preparing the “re-voting” procedure, and it will be forceful.

The Poroshenko-controlled media became hysterical on the subject: 

Deputies of the Kherson Regional Council have seized power!”

And Putilov wrote an open letter to his “master” and the members of his BPP (“Petro Poroshenko Bloc”) in the Verkhovna Rada with a request to “intervene” and prevent a “political overthrow” in the region assigned to him by Petro Poroshenko. And he has already addressed the SBU with the accusations of “illegal seizure of power” by regional parliamentarians.


Putilov understands very well that MPs will not go to “re-vote” voluntarily, and last Friday Putilov was dismissed from the post of head of the Kherson Regional Council, as to say, “by a legitimate quorum”. It was a consolidated position of six of the seven factions of the Kherson Regional Council. Only Poroshenko’s supporters from his BPP were against it.

A statement by the parliamentary factions of the Regional Council said that the decision to fire Putilov was a response to “the usurpation of power” in the region by him and his family:

“We are not fighting against the faction of the political party “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko”. We are against one man, whose family usurped power in the region, like, at their time, when the family of Yanukovych usurped power in the country,” the statement reads.

In response, Poroshenko’s people in the Kherson region are trying to win the situation back. Currently the deputies are representatives of the six factions in the Kherson Regional Council (“Fatherland”, “Our land”, “the Opposition bloc”, “Self-Help”, “Radical party”, “UKROP”) are experiencing unprecedented pressure.

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They are threatened by phone and intimidated by the visits of the “ATO volunteers”, controlled by Andreiy Putilov and the Governor of the region Andrey Gordeev, and use all possible means of pressure. As was reported by “local” sources, those who dare to express their disagreement with Putilov, Poroshenko’s people will try to simply eliminate them.

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