Poroshenko Called to Fully Adapt Military Medicine in Ukraine to NATO Standards

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated the need to completely adapt military medicine in the country to NATO standards.

“We have created modern infrastructure for military medicine, and are now on the march to adapt the military medicine of Ukraine completely to NATO standards,” quotes the TV channel “112 Ukraine” from the words of Poroshenko.

According to him, currently the security of personnel with individual medical first-aid kits in Ukraine has approached 100%.

Earlier, Petro Poroshenko promised to sign a bill on the course of Ukraine towards NATO membership.

The deputy head of the Tauride information-analytical center at RISI Sergey Ermakov, during a conversation with FBA “Economy Today” estimated the chances of Ukraine of the official accession to NATO.

“The informal partnership of Ukraine and NATO will continue, as an Alliance, as a military bloc, Kiev is interesting as a military partner, but only when it won’t cost too much to Brussels. Accordingly, NATO won’t give any security guarantees to Ukraine in the foreseeable future,” said Ermakov.


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