Poroshenko Decided to Punish Volyn Deputies for the Cool Reception During the “Tomos Tour”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was dissatisfied with the organisation of his visit to the Volyn region within the framework of his pre-election trip around the country. Local elected officials say that law enforcement bodies were given the green light by the head of state to intimidate them with criminal cases.

This was reported in the statement posted on the page of the Volyn regional council on Facebook.

In the post the manager of the executive apparatus of the regional council Dmitry Dubnyak explained that the president has had a grudge against local deputies since they expressed their hard line concerning the budget for 2019, which they want to spend for the needs of Volyn residents, and not for “Varangians wearing General’s epaulettes who come from Kiev”.


We’re not afraid of you, oh ‘PRIEST’!

After the failed ‘TOMOS tour’ in the Volyn region, after understanding what in reality the residents of Volyn think about the failed policies and the empty promises of the President, after the rigid stance of the Council in defending the budget of the region for Volyn residents, and not for it to be stolen by Varangians wearing General’s epaulettes who come from Kiev, Poroshenko ordered law enforcement bodies to intimidate the Volyn regional council and Volyn residents, conduct searches, and to initiate criminal cases against utility enterprises!

We await a future circus from Poroshenko!

Dmitry Dubnyak, managing director of the executive office of the Volyn regional Council”

The visit to the Volyn region on January 15th within the framework of the “Tomos tour” became the last straw that exhausted the patience of Poroshenko.

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It was reported that in order to bring the necessary extras, the organisers of the trip were obliged to secretly bring people along in buses. Many inhabitants were dissatisfied that the head of state was late for church service and that they had to spend several hours in the frost waiting, trying to keep warm in the nearest shops.

Poroshenko, together with the head of the Ukrainian schismatics Epifany, went on a trip around 17 regions of Ukraine after the reception of Tomos. According to “strana.ua”, the current president wants to visit those regions where he stands a chance of collecting votes during the March 2019 elections.

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