Poroshenko Dug Himself into a Hole Trying to Justify Increasing Household Gas Prices

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


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The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated that he won’t allow household gas prices to be reduced under any circumstance, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“Listen today to the promises of populists to reduce the price of gas by twofold, threefold, fourfold – some even said to reduce prices by sixfold. This can be done only by returning to Russian gas servitude,” said Poroshenko during a meeting with staff of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine on October 22nd in Kiev.

“We only just left this servitude, and attempts are already being made to return us there. I won’t allow the country to u-turn towards the so-called ‘Russian world’ under any circumstances. I advise to listen less to the sweet voices of pseudo-defenders,” said Petro Poroshenko.

Commenting on the situation that developed with the state debt, the president said: “And precisely those political forces that today defend ordinary people most loudly are those who picked up more credits. $54 billion – here is the total debt legacy that today’s ‘fighters for the truth’ worked up between 2007-2013, when the corresponding political forces were in power. Now someone has to clean up after them, sorry, pay everything back”.

The president also connected the topic of aligning internal and foreign prices gas prices to his predecessors.

“It wouldn’t be superfluous to remind that Ukraine took obligations to align internal gas prices with the price of imported gas when Groisman was still the mayor of Vinnytsia. The corresponding memorandum was signed with the IMF on October 31st, 2008,” said the president.

Speaking about the decision to increase the household natural gas prices and the cost of heating for enterprises from November 1st, 2018 made by the Cabinet of Ukraine by 23.5%, the head of state noted that it has not only a socio-economic geopolitical component, but also a strategic one: continuing to cooperate with the IMF allows not only to preserve macroeconomic stability and the stability of the hryvnia exchange rate, but also to secure the enemy independence of Ukraine against Moscow.

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Comment of Alexey Karpushev:
“After Poroshenko stated that it is possible to reduce gas prices by sixfold only by u-turning towards the Russian world, he can be justifiably written down as the main agent of the Kremlin, because carrying out such advertising for the Russian world is no easy feat.”

Beady-eyed users of Facebook sent to the editorial office of “Strana” a screenshot of a social network page featuring a post of Petro Poroshenko that has been promoted via advertising (in exchange for payment Facebook shows this post to a larger number of people, and not only those who are subscribed to the president’s page or are interested in his activity). It is curious that the very sensitive issue of increasing gas prices is being promoted.

“I have given the Government a very strict demand – we have to protect people, expand the program of subsidies, and increase funds for the implementation of this program so that the least protected segments of the population and anyone for who this increase is critical don’t suffer from the growth in tariffs,” it is said in the advertised post.

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