Poroshenko Forces Ukrainian Teachers to Campaign for Him, Promising Them 1000 Hryvnia as Payment

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Ukrainian teachers are forced to encourage people to vote for the incumbent president Petro Poroshenko at the 2019 elections for 1000 hryvnia.

This was announced by the deputy head of political party “Political platform of Nadezhda Savchenko” Tatyana Protorchenko, referring to a call made by a teacher from Khmelnitsky.

“Several minutes ago I was called by a teacher. She said that in Khmelnitsky teachers are forced to go without fail to districts and to promote the incumbent president. At the same time there is no alternative. Teachers are obliged to do it, and then report back”

said Tatyana Protorchenko in her video message

The teacher feared her name being said on camera. She considers that if this happens, then tomorrow she will be dismissed.

But she doesn’t want to promote Poroshenko, even for 1000 hryvnia, which is what teachers are promised for such “work”.

“According to this teacher, what’s frightening here is that while teaching staff communicate among themselves, people express their indignation. But then everyone goes their own separate way and continues to perform this work — to campaign for the incumbent president”

said the deputy leader of the party

Tatyana Protorchenko noted that, at the same time, the teachers understand that all of this activity is a violation of the law and the use of administrative resources.

But they silently take the money and go to tell people who don’t understand what is happening in the country about Poroshenko’s achievements.

Campaigning is carried out among the elderly, exploiting their trust in teachers.

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According to her, these teachers destroy the future of those children who then come to school and who they try to teach something.

“What can they teach them? To love Ukraine? These teachers can teach them dignity and honor?”

asks Protorchenko

“If such things happen across all of Ukraine, then I fear for the country and for all of us. And if people don’t come to their senses, if they won’t get a grip of themselves, and if they won’t remember that they are Ukrainians, then I don’t know what will remain from our Ukraine”

summarised Tatyana Protorchenko

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