Poroshenko Grabbed the Microphone of a Journalist After Being Questioned About His Past Election Promises

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The journalist Andrey Lokhmatov showed a video that was filmed by his colleague in Nikolaev on August 27th when president Poroshenko visited there. Lokhmatov described the situation that developed, when the journalist tried to take a comment from the president, as follows: “He grabbed the microphone with his hand, forcefully lowered it so that it was muted, and said: ‘You will leave and I will tell you’. What do you think, who from among all Ukrainian politicians could answer journalists in such a way when asked how things are progressing concerning their promises?”

He also posted a video capturing this moment.

At first Poroshenko lowers the microphone of the journalist Ivan Kazora, and the latter isn’t allowed closer by security, and then the journalist is also pushed aside by the governor of the Nikolaev region Aleksey Savchenko.

“I think that Petro Poroshenko, as the head of the European state, can now show this video to his colleagues Macron and Merkel with pride – how he, in a state way, resolves the problem of annoying journalists and ensures freedom of speech in Ukraine. And Aleksey Savchenko should be given an award for successfully protecting the president from journalists – now it is possible to not bring bodyguards along to presidential visits to Nikolaev, Aleksey Savchenko will cope himself,” wrote the journalist.

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