Poroshenko Was Kicked Outside the Fence of the White House

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Aleksey Zhuravko

Dear friends!

Did you notice anything in the photo of the briefing of Poroshenko after the meeting with Trump?

I noticed something – Trump is absent!

And the guarantor was kicked outside the fence!


He is not on the territory of the White House. He is not even on the nearest sidewalk, and gives a briefing at a table from IKEA hastily put across the road from Trump’s residence!

And now compare it to a video of other leaders with which Trump, with beautiful podiums, gives joint press conferences on the lawn of the White House.

I have communicated with a known political scientist from the US. He says that he has never seen anything like it.

A greater shame is difficult to imagine.

He asked for a minute’s meeting, after which the chocolate beggar was kicked out the back and expelled from the territory.

Trump obviously made it clear – “Your place is behind a fence”.

But, be sure – Channel 5 and Ukrainian media will frame it as an epic victory … but it is worth opening your eyes and to switch on your brain, and everything becomes extremely clear!

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