“Poroshenko Is a Killer!” – Protestors Blocked the Reception Room of the Cabinet of Ministers in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Participants of the action demanded that the government stop profiting off the military operation in Donbass, and that Poroshenko and Groisman resign.

The actions of the civil protest took place in the reception room of the government in Kiev. Deceived investors and human rights activists went there with posters that say: “Poroshenko is a killer”, “Groisman go to Israel”, “For the people’s impeachment”. They demand the resignation of the President and the Prime Minister.

“Due to the bestial relations of power to the people, we demand the impeachment of President Poroshenko,” stated the activist Yury Kleynos.

Together with like-minded people, inter alia, he demands the authorities to stop profiting off the military operation in Donbass. According to media reports, some protesters chained themselves with handcuffs to the waiting room furniture, taped their mouths, and declared a hunger strike.

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