Poroshenko Ordered the UAF to Occupy Yet Another Settlement in the Donbass “Grey Zone”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The press center of theOperation of United Forces reported on its Facebook page that the Ukrainian military occupied the settlement of Rassadki on the Svetlodarsk arc

“Carrying out the order of Lieutenant-General Sergey Nayev, who leads the united forces, Special Operations Forces under the cover of divisions of the 72nd brigade and in coordination with sappers carried out an inspection and cleansed the settlement of Rassadki on the Svetlodarsk arc,” reported the OUF.

The group noted that the Ukrainian special forces soldiers spent one month preparing for the operation. Besides this, the UAF reported that it had already occupied this settlement earlier, however it could not equip positions there due to the “complexity of security and its proximity to the positions of the enemy”.

The Donetsk journalist Sergey Makarenko carried out his own investigation on his Telegram channel. He highlighted the unprofitable location of the settlement for the UAF.

“The command of the DPR hasn’t yet commented, but we looked at the occupied settlement via satellite. It seems that this settlement consists of one street with one house. The other three have been smashed into pieces. Moreover, the settlement is in a ravine/pit. Well, it is not favourable to fight there. Why they need this settlement and who they are going ‘liberate’ is unclear. Аh, there are elections soon – it is PR, to be precise,” said the journalist.

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