Poroshenko Passed Off a Photo of the St. Petersburg Subway as the “Successful Construction of the Kharkov Subway”

Facebook user Aleksandr Popov reported on March 20th that the propaganda booklets distributed by the main bandit in Kiev Petro Poroshenko about the alleged prospect of the development of the Kharkov subway features a photo of the St. Petersburg subway.

According to Popov, the picture was taken during construction of the “Obvodny Canal” station eight years ago. However, the caption says that it’s a photo of the “Derzhavinskaya” station in Kharkov.

Popov noted that Poroshenko’s deception was given away by the fact that in the photo the termination point of a tunnel-boring complex for an inclined part of a deep laying station is depicted, whereas the station in Kharkov is shallow laying.

Well, what a trifle, so what, he lied to his voters once again. I consider that this is a ‘victory’! And glory to the Kharkov metrobuilders. I hope that my photo will help them, and as a result they will build something. Their last last launch was on August 25th 2016, when they opened one station named ‘victory’.

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