Poroshenko Promised Not to Leave the Residents of Crimea Without Support

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated that Kiev won’t leave “fellow citizens” in Crimea without support. This was stated in the message published on the page of the Ukrainian President on Facebook.

According to Poroshenko, “all the civilized world” knows that Crimea belongs to Ukraine.

The President accused Russia of a “gross violation of human rights” on the peninsula and promised “to continue fighting”.

“Three years ago the residents of Crimea came out for a peaceful march to demonstrate their solidarity with Ukraine. The next day, Russia resorted to open aggression and invaded the Peninsula, taking millions of people hostage.

We will not leave our fellow citizens in the temporarily-occupied-by-Russia Crimea without support. Ukraine succeeded at the highest international level at the UN to ensure for Russia the status of an occupational authority, which is responsible for gross violations of human rights in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine – in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and in the City of Sevastopol.

The entire civilized world knows that Crimea is Ukraine. We continue our struggle.”

Earlier Poroshenko declared the threat of full-scale war with Russia.

Moscow rejects all accusations of Kiev about “aggression” and noted that Crimea is Russian territory and this issue isn’t up for discussion.

Crimea became once again a Russian region following the results of the referendum held after the coup d’etat in Ukraine. More than 95% of inhabitants of the peninsula voted for reunion with Russia.

And here is how the Crimean people “greeted” Poroshenko during his visit to the peninsula on the 28th February, 2014. The first video is entitled “How Poroshenko was chased out of the Supreme Council of Crimea to the railway station” and shows mass chants such as “Poroshenko, oust from Crimea”, “Fascist”, “Berkut!”, “Crimea is Russia” etc.

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The second video shows Poroshenko struggling to reach his getaway vehicle and being egged.

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