Poroshenko Rudely Yanked Off a Woman’s Hat in Zaporozhye

The debacle known as Petro Poroshenko’s electoral campaign has once again surprised the Russian and Ukrainian side of social media. On Wednesday, February 27th, the head of the junta visited Zaporozhye, where he was met by pro-Maidan local residents.

Whilst shaking hands and greeting people Poroshenko suddenly yanked a hat from the head of one of the girls who came to the meeting with the main slob in Ukraine. Everything happened instantly, thus the Ukrainian didn’t initially understand what had happened.


In comment toNovoye Vremya a representative of the Presidential Administration explained the incident with the hat by saying that… drum roll please… it was an “accident”!

It turns out that if one listens to the footage attentively it is possible to hear her mention the journalist Anatoly Shary. I.e., he had sent her to troll Poroshenko at the meeting. And thus his aggressive removal of her hat can be seen as punishment for this.

So far Poroshenko’s pre-election PR tour has been a total embarrassment, with a Tomos of Autocephaly script that wasn’t even completed and had to be sent back to Constantinople, multiple instances of his security detail batting mobile phones out of the hands of residents who ask inconvenient questions about his tenure, and the pseudo-president himself insulting the mining community. Not to mention cases of voter bribery and kicking down apartment doors for a “innocent chat”.

The US embassy in Kiev must be livid with the inability of Ukrainian politicians to rob and rape their own citizens silently, away from the cameras. This is probably what Marie Yovanovitch meant when she promised that “titushki” wouldn’t play a role in elections. For Washington the junta can violate electoral laws as much as it wants, as long as the “international community” isn’t spooked too much.

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As for Petro’s half-assed attempt at an “explanation” of the incident with the hat, maybe he will say that firing munitions at civilians in Donbass for 5 years was an “accident” too?

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