Poroshenko Slapped a Girl’s Face During a Pre-Election Rally

Less than 72 hours after Petro Poroshenko disgracefully yanked off a woman’s hat during a pre-election meeting in Zaporozhye, the “guarantor of the constitution” has somehow cooked up yet another scandal. During a meeting in the city of Aleksandriya in the Kirovograd region (it was renamed by the junta into Kropyvnytsky in 2016 within the framework of “decommunisation”) he strongly slapped a young girl on her cheek after she asked him an inconvenient question.


As can be seen in the video, after his speech Poroshenko, along with his guards, started to leave the event, and during this time a local resident approaches him and asks a question “Why do you pursue Shary?”, referring to the well-known journalist Anatoly Shary.

In response the president asked her to turn off her phone and then slapped her face with his hand. Then he started to interrogate the girl about where she lives and what her name is. Without having received an answer, the outraged owner of “Roshen” strongly patted the girl on her should and said: “You are afraid? Don’t be!”.

He hit me on my face and started to paw me. He simply flew into a rage, became Satan. He very strongly patted me on my shoulder and tugged my jacket, and walked off

After that the heroine of video went to cafe to disappear from the security guards and police officers pursuing her. But also there the police officer approached her and rough tone demanded to go to police station, without explaining the reasons.

“A line of policemen followed me, I understand that I will not be able to go home, I switched to the other side of the street and sat down in a cafe, trying to calm down somehow. People entered the cafe, they weren’t the city police, and near the cafe about 15 of his (Petro Poroshenko) security detail stood. And suddenly the leader said: ‘Grab your things, and come with me! You are detained’. I started to call my boyfriend, and he (the guard) started to take away my phone,” she said.

They surrounded me and told me to show my passport, and said that if I didn’t, then we will go to the police department in order to find out who and what I am

In the end she managed to call her father, who took her home. “My parents worry that they, heaven forbid, expel me from college or simply pursue me around the city,” she said.

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If it wasn’t for the fact that there was a crowd of people around he, most likely, would’ve given her a black eye and then later said that she attacked herself.

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