Poroshenko Sold Defective Ambulances to the UAF for $32,000 Each

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The “Bogdan” Corporation, whose ultimate beneficiary is the Commander-in-Chief Petro Poroshenko, sold low-quality buses to his own army at clearly overpriced prices.

He spat not only on Ukraine, but even on soldiers who die on the frontline daily, say the military about Poroshenko.

The People’s Deputy of Ukraine Viktor Chumak said on his page on Facebook that the business partner of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Oleg Gladkovsky – he was the first deputy of Turchynov, also known as the figurehead that temporarily controls “Bogdan” – sold to the “ATO” 100 units of “Bogdan” medical vehicles for $32,000.

“Last week in the hospital of Volnovakh, I caught sight of four ‘Bogdan-2251’ ambulances vehicles. When I asked how they arrived here, the doctors shrugged their shoulders: ‘They all broke down at once, this is sh*t, defective, and written off,’ was the short answer,” wrote the People’s Deputy.

On his Facebook page, Chumak provided a photo of the report of NAKO – an international anti-corruption project to counter corruption in the defense sector, which provides evidence that such a deal is a potential conflict of interest.

The People’s Deputy notes that 100 vehicles were bought by a non-competitive secret procedure by one participant for $32,000 each.

The commander-in-chief Poroshenko, just from the scam with “Bogdan” and the army, earned the lifetime’s fortune of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians!

“We have no evidence that Oleg Gladkovsky influenced the decision to buy ‘Bogdan’ or that Ukraine had a better alternative. But a situation where the main supplier of the Ministry of Defense is a corporation whose controlling stake belongs to the first deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council – the body responsible for managing the defense sector of Ukraine – is a potential conflict of interest and a clearly corrupt scheme,” it is said in the report.

The military does not say to the camera that for such a con man it is necessary not to trial him, but to hang him! How can you stoop so low and sell defective army equipment, knowing that this equipment in a working condition saves lives!

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Mr. Gladkovsky is the first deputy of Turchynov and long-time business partner of Poroshenko. In 2014, before his Presidency, Poroshenko quickly transferred the “Bogdan” corporation to Gladkovsky.

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